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If you’ve overcome cancer or another major illness, you might be wondering if you can even get life insurance.

One of the benefits of working with a life insurance broker is that we can help you shop for a policy from a life insurance company open to insuring people who have survived a major illness like yours.

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By sharing your medical history with our agents, they can guide you toward applying with the best life insurance company for your former medical condition from the get go. This will save you time and may help prevent you from being declined for coverage after a lengthy application process.

As you recovered, your thoughts may have turned to the best way to protect your loved ones in the future. While you may be optimistic about your life post-illness, you may feel that your life insurance options with a pre-existing condition are limited.

In fact, despite your medical history, it may still be possible for you to get life insurance. We’ve worked with numerous people who have overcome major illnesses and have successfully found life insurance plans that meet their needs.

It’s worth researching your options, taking the time to compare life insurance quotes, and applying for coverage if you wish to protect your loved ones with the gift of life insurance after a major illness.

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Should I just get life insurance with no medical exam?

You might be thinking that your only option is final expense life insurance or guaranteed issue life insurance.

Not necessarily.

Our recommendation is to research your options and consider applying for a conventional term life insurance policy.

While it’s true that many survivors of cancer and serious illnesses look for a guaranteed issue policy as a sure way to get coverage, it’s not always the best option.

Guaranteed issue life insurance coverage often caps at $50,000. By design it is meant to simply help your surviving loved ones pay for your final expenses. This is a wonderful thing to do, but if you would be better served by a term life insurance policy with larger payout options, we would like to help you obtain your goal.

Here are some aspects of guaranteed issue life insurance policies that you might want to consider before applying for a policy:

Your premium costs may be higher.

While your premiums for a traditional term life insurance policy may cost more for you now than before your medical history changed, guaranteed issue policies may be even more expensive.

This is because insurance underwriters won’t have the information on your current state of health that an exam would provide. The increased premiums help outweigh the unknown risk the life insurance company takes by insuring you.

With an exam, the life insurance company will have the ability to evaluate your overall health, so you aren’t just a pre-existing condition on an insurance application. This will help them get a full picture of your health and will give you a better chance of getting life insurance coverage after your illness.

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Your loved ones may receive a lower death benefit.

Before you even apply for and get a life insurance policy, it’s important to consider exactly how much coverage will be needed to cover your end-of-life expenses and your loved ones’ loss of income from your absence.

But, regardless of your needs, guaranteed issue policies often have a death benefit limited to less than $50,000. Depending on the estimated needs of your loved ones, you may end up paying higher premiums for less coverage than you really need.

In some cases, a guaranteed issue policy may make sense, but we only recommend this route once you’ve already taken a look at your options and compared life insurance quotes online.

The easiest way to compare multiple quotes at once is with our free quotes tool that gives you offers from many different top-rated life insurance companies. If you find one you’re interested in, simply select a policy and apply in under five minutes.

What to Expect When You Apply for a Term Life Insurance Policy

Regardless of the status of your health, it’s a good idea to get life insurance.

Being without coverage is not recommended, as none of us ever know what the future holds.

Don’t become discouraged by the prospect of a medical exam. There are many insurers who offer policies to applicants with medical conditions that are well-managed with a physician’s care.

If you choose to apply for a traditional term life policy, then—just like other applicants—your gender, age, and the results of your medical exam will influence your risk rating that underwriters use to determine your insurability, coverage, and premium amounts.

When evaluating your application, underwriters will also look at:

  • How long it has been since you recovered from your illness,
  • Your health status at the time of your exam, and
  • If you are able to provide complete medical records regarding your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

It’s important to be forthright about your medical history when completing your application.

You don’t need to hide any aspect of your journey to recovery. Life insurance companies are on your side—they would like to offer you a policy that is good for you, your family, and their business.

When you work with Quotacy, we’ll guide you through your application and underwriting process. We’ll tell you which life insurance companies may be more likely to approve you for the coverage you want and need.

Once your application is in and your exam is done, the life insurance company provide their final rate offer.

You always have the option of changing your mind if you don’t want to accept the premium rates that you are offered by the life insurance company. Your Quotacy agent can work with you to try to find an alternative and compare your life insurance options.

You’ve overcome tremendous odds to get where you are today.

At Quotacy, we believe that everyone—and their loved ones—deserves financial security, no matter their health history. We want to make it simple for you to protect your family’s future and have the peace of mind that goes along with that assurance.

You can get life insurance after a major illness—let us show you how.

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