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We believe getting life insurance should be easy, which is why we provide affordable coverage options and fact-checked information to help you make the right choice for your loved ones.

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Do I Need Term or Whole Life Insurance? Differences, Pros & Cons


The purpose of life insurance is protection for your family from financial disaster as a result of your death. Term life is temporary, unlike whole life.

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How Much Does a Million-Dollar Life Insurance Policy Cost?

Term Life

Let’s face it, being a millionaire is something most people only dream about, but just because you’re not rolling in the dough doesn’t mean you should rule out a million-dollar life insurance policy.

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How Much Does a $100,000 Life Insurance Policy Cost?

Term Life

The cost of a life insurance policy is determined by a number of factors such as gender, age, and your health status. Another main factor is whether you decide to buy a term life insurance policy or a whole life insurance policy.

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Life Insurance Policy Ownership: Things to Know


Who can get life insurance? What does life insurance mean to a policyholder in terms of coverage and responsibilities? When it comes to life insurance, there are three distinct roles related to one policy…

Image of woman sitting on a boat on the lake holding her toddler's land for Quotacy blog How Do Life Insurance Payouts Work?

How Do Life Insurance Policy Payouts Work?


Buying a life insurance policy is like buying a safety net for your family. You won’t be able to provide for them, so you buy a policy. The payout the policy provides will replace your income and help them stay comfortable and fed even after your death.

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Can I Take Life Insurance Out On My Partner?


Yes, you can get life insurance on your boyfriend or girlfriend as long as you have their consent and insurable interest in that person. We’ll explain the things you need to know before applying for life insurance on your significant other.

college graduate kissing his mom on the forehead for Quotacy blog My Parents Bought Life Insurance on Me as a Baby. Is It Mine Now?

My Parents Bought Life Insurance on Me as a Baby. Is It Mine Now?

Whole Life

Children’s Whole Life Insurance is a commonly purchased life insurance product. Parents and grandparents can buy these policies on their minor children and grandchildren.

Image of woman on frozen lake with image reflected on the lake for Quotacy blog What Happens If I Don’t Die While My Policy Is Inforce?

What Happens if I Outlive My Term Life Insurance Policy?

Term Life

Term life insurance is temporary life insurance coverage, unlike permanent life insurance which lasts your entire life. You choose the length of the term which can vary from 10-40 years.

Image of hourglass with sand falling with a white brick wall background for Quotacy blog How Do Term Conversions Work?

How Term Conversions Work

Term Life

Term insurance policies are only designed to last a certain length of time, called a term. Once that period ends, so does the coverage.

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