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About Quotacy: Life insurance made for you

Saving families, one life insurance policy at a time. It’s our purpose. The way we see it, life insurance is about saving your family from having to leave behind the future you’re helping them shape today.
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Pictured left to right are Quotacy’s Co-founders; Ryan Hallett, Jason Nash, Abby Reddy, and Jeremy Hallett.
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Quotacy is an online life insurance broker

Quotacy believes life insurance should be accessible to everyone who needs it. That’s why we provide individuals with advice and information about life insurance online, so you can research your options from the comfort of your own home – without pressure from salespeople. Our non-commissioned agents, licensed in all 50 states plus D.C., work with you to find a life insurance policy that will support your loved ones should something happen.

As industry champions, we see it as our duty to give you the knowledge needed to buy life insurance with confidence. Our educational articles, written and reviewed by insurance experts, provide transparent and accurate information. And, because of our expertise, we are often sought out as industry experts in media interviews and news articles.


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Quotacy’s history

Quotacy began with an event that changed the way our CEO, Jeremy Hallett, looked at life insurance, even though he had been in the industry for almost two decades.

Jeremy had a beloved friend and neighbor who passed away unexpectedly. He didn’t have life insurance at the time of his death, which resulted in his family getting not only hit with unimaginable grief, but also financial hardship. Through this painful experience, Jeremy saw first-hand how devastating death can be on loved ones, especially when there aren’t monetary safeguards in place. It was through this experience that Jeremy knew he had to do something to make life insurance accessible to everyone who needs it.

At that point, the life insurance industry was missing a simple solution: an online shopping option that removed barriers and put the customer first. Jeremy and his brother, Ryan Hallett, owned and operated Hallett Financial Group since 2000. Hallett is a Brokerage General Agency (BGA) that helps independent insurance agents and financial advisors find the best products for their affluent clients, including life insurance, long-term disability insurance, long-term care, and annuities. Between direct experience working with advisors and their clients, and technology that had been created by Ryan for these advisors, the foundation for Quotacy already existed.

In 2014 Quotacy was launched by Jeremy and Ryan, along with Hallett’s Marketing Director, Abby Reddy and previous Hallett sales team member, Jason Nash.

In 2022 Quotacy and Hallett Financial Group were acquired by Highland Capital Brokerage, which is owned by Advisor Group. Highland and Quotacy both share the same vision for the future, bringing us closer to seeing our vision of helping one million families buy life insurance come to life.

Our Mission

For everyone who has a loved one who depends upon them to have life insurance.

Our Vision

To help one million families buy life insurance.

Our Values

Being an Advisor Group company, Quotacy has adopted their core values.
As a team, we live and breathe these four values.

Show Up. Every Time.

We are accountable and dependable, no excuses.

Think Big. And Small.

We are exciting and innovative, but always thoughtful.

Work Together. As One.

We are collaborative and diverse, and better for it.

Do What's Right. Always.

We are authentic and honest, even when it’s hard.

How we make money

Quotacy receives commissions from the insurance companies we work with when we sell their policies. This compensation does not influence the price of your policy and our agents do not receive commissions, so they’re never biased. We use our knowledge and expertise to understand your unique situation and help you get the best price on your policy.

You can feel confident with Quotacy, knowing that we hold ourselves to high standards.


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