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We work with over 25 of the nation’s top life insurance carriers to ensure you get a policy that meets your unique needs. Because rates are regulated, you won’t find a better price, even if you work with the carriers directly. Browse our carrier ratings and reviews so you can buy term life insurance through Quotacy with confidence.

Logos of some of Quotacy's carriers, Prudential, Haven Life, John Hancock, and more.
Logos of some of Quotacy's carriers, Prudential, Corebridge, and more.

Quotacy partners with the top-rated term life insurance companies

We work with highly-rated carriers, so you have access to the best term life insurance policies all in one place.

When we say we only work with top-rated term life insurance companies, what we mean is that we partner with carriers that have strong ratings across the board in customer service, financial stability, and trustworthiness.

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Life Insurance Company

A.M. Best Rating S&P Rating Moody's Rating

BBB Rating

J.D. Power Score
(out of 1000)

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Corebridge Financial

A A+ A2 A+ 751

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Cincinnati Life

A+ A+ A1 A+ N/A

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A A+ A2 A+ 771

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John Hancock

A+ AA- A1 A+ 763

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Lincoln Financial

A+ AA- A1 A+ 781

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Pacific Life

A+ AA- A1 A+ 808

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A+ A+ A1 A+ 785

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A+ AA- N/A A+ 774

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A+ AA- Aa3 A+ 777

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A A- N/A A+ N/A

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Securian Financial

A+ AA- Aa3 A+ 777

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A+ A A1 A+ N/A

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United of Omaha

A+ A+ A1 A+ 789

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U.S. Life

A A+ A2 A+ 751

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What do life insurance company ratings mean?

The chart above shows objective and unbiased third-party ratings from established agencies like J.D. Power and the Better Business Bureau. Each rating focuses on slightly different factors, like financial health, credit ratings, and customer feedback. As you can see, all the companies Quotacy works with have excellent overall ratings. But what do these ratings actually mean?

Let’s examine each rating system for better understanding.

  • A.M. Best Rating: A.M. Best is an independent rating agency that ranks life insurance companies’ financial strength. Their best rating is an A++. Their worst is a D. Quotacy only works with carriers that are rating A or better.
  • S&P Rating: Standard & Poor’s is a world-leading provider of credit ratings. Their scale ranges from the best at AAA to the worst at D.
  • Moody’s Rating: Moody’s Investors Service is another leading provider of credit ratings, research, and analysis. Their ratings range from Aaa to C with numerical modifiers 1, 2, and 3 to indicate whether a ranking sits on the higher or lower end of that rating category.
  • BBB Rating: The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit that shares customer service feedback on businesses in the USA. BBB assigns ratings that range from the best at A+ to the worst at F.
  • J.D. Power Score: J.D. Power & Associates assigns life insurance companies ratings based on survey feedback from a representative sample of verified policy owners on a scale of 0-1000.

Which term life insurance company is right for you?

The two most important factors when choosing a life insurance provider are:

  • Customer service
  • Financial strength

At Quotacy, we only work with top-rated companies, so you can rest assured that the company you choose has excellent customer service and financial strength.

If you’re young (under 35) and in great health, all the top-rated life insurance companies will be similar in coverage options and price for you.

If you have any health conditions or live a lifestyle that may be considered risky, that’s when it’s important to know more about each life insurance company since not all carriers evaluate risk factors in the same way.

For example, if you have a DUI in your driving record, the price offered from different insurance companies can vary by hundreds of dollars per year. This is why it’s helpful to work with an independent broker like Quotacy.

How do you know which company is most likely to underwrite in your favor?

Knowing which carrier can best meet your needs can seem confusing, but we make it easy by shopping around for you. When you apply through Quotacy, our licensed agents and in-house underwriting team will review your application to make sure you are matched with the best life insurance company for your situation.

If there is a company that will approve you at a better price than the carrier you initially wanted to work with, we will let you know. The choice of your insurer is up to you, but our job is to make sure you know your options.

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We work with over 25 of the nation’s top life insurance companies to ensure you have access to the best policy options at the best price. If you’re ready to plan for the future, get an anonymous quote in just seconds. After that, apply online and a Quotacy agent will help you through the process.

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