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The world we live in is changing and the way people buy things has evolved. Quotacy was born from the passion of a team of insurance professionals who recognized an opportunity to enhance the way life insurance is being purchased online. We are committed to creating the best customer experience possible, putting the user in control, and breaking down the barriers so more individuals and families can learn about and purchase the gift of life insurance. We believe in the idea of putting the user first; making quoting faster, terminology easier, and the application process smoother for those who like to shop online.

Our mission is to build a trust based relationship with you. Between Quotacy and our parent company, Hallett Financial Group, we have helped people protect their loved ones from financial tragedy to the tune of $20 billion dollars.

Our role is to guide you on your journey into the interesting life insurance buying process with technology, expertise and care. You get peace of mind with the insurance contract and mental sanity because our experienced team can troubleshoot challenging situations for you before they become problems.

Please run a term insurance quote. We believe you have the right to window-shop before you make a decision.

Quotacy is owned and powered by Hallett Financial Group, a life insurance Brokerage General Agency that has been helping licensed insurance advisors protect individuals and families since 1990 by providing customized life insurance quotes, case designs, and case management services. Together, Hallett and Quotacy will continue to embrace innovative ideas so more consumers can protect the ones they love. If you are looking for life insurance and you would feel more comfortable meeting face to face with an agent in your area we are happy to help! Please call us direct at 844.786.8229 and we will put you in touch with a trusted insurance professional in your area.

People Who Love Us

The Broke Professional

Syed, a personal finance blogger, recently took to paper [computer] to describe in detail his journey from start to finish on purchasing life insurance through Quotacy. We did not know until after the process that he was writing about us. We are so pleased we were able to help him protect his family with life insurance.  He lays out his experience with Quotacy in a three part series:

Journey to Life Insurance Part 1: Why Do I Need It?

Journey to Life Insurance Part 2: Easier Than I Thought

Journey to Life Insurance Part 3: Time to Pay the Piper

Meet the team.

We’re more than a website.
We’re real people.

About our CEO



Quotacy CEO Jeremy Hallett was interviewed in Coverager where he delivers personal insights into his life, business and philosophy, and details his journey from playing sax on the street for tips all the way to founding this rising star in the insurance industry called Quotacy.



Our CEO Jeremy Hallett was featured in a video on TastyTrade.com where they dubbed us “an online life insurance agency for the do-it-yourself consumer” and we couldn’t agree more. Anyone who has loved ones who rely on their source of income needs life insurance, but sometimes they don’t know where to start.



Jeremy Hallett has a unique story. After selling used cars and traveling the world, he decided that life insurance was his passion…but not in the traditional sense. He wanted to create a place where people could play with insurance numbers and figure out what was right for them… without having to give out a ton of information (like who they were or their phone number). Quotacy.com was born. Listen to the Stacking Benjamins podcast

Questions & Answers

Purchasing the gift of life insurance can trigger many questions and concerns. The best way to feel confident in your decision is to be as informed as possible. At Quotacy, we want to make sure all of your questions are answered, and you understand the terminology used in life insurance before you take the next step. We compiled a list of key terms to know, as well as answers to common questions that consumers just like you often ask. If we missed something that’s on your mind, please don’t hesitate to call us, we are here to help.

How do I get a quote?
Easy! Click “Get Started” at the top of any page on Quotacy.com and you’ll be taken to our extremely fast and always anonymous quote engine.
How accurate are the quotes?
Very accurate. Quotacy gets real-time information from every insurance company every day to ensure you are always seeing only the best and most current prices before you apply.
Do I have to provide my email and phone number to get a quote?
Absolutely not! Our entire business model was built on not requiring users to disclose any information like our competitors just to get a quote. If you decide to apply for one of the plans that you find, then of course at that point we will need to know a bit more about you, but to simply learn about life insurance and get a quote, we let you do it all in private!
Is my information saved and sold if I run a quote?
NO! Let us say it again; NO we will never sell your information. We pride ourselves on protecting your privacy from start to finish. You have the option to save your quotes for future reference by setting up a username and password, but we are very strict on keeping your information private.


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