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Since 1990, we’ve served over 29,600 clients with expertise and care and have helped our customers protect their families with over $22 billion in coverage. Quotacy is backed by Hallett Financial Group, Inc., a brokerage general agency, with deep industry experience and top-level partnerships with the best life insurance companies in the nation. Hallett and Quotacy continue to embrace innovation so that more families can buy affordable term life insurance. We would be honored to help you buy a term life policy that is tailored to your family’s needs.

Our satisfied customers speak best to the qualities of our team. To experience us through the eyes of our clients, read our TrustPilot reviews.

Leadership Team

Headshot of Jeremy Hallett, CLU and CEO of Quotacy, Inc.

Jeremy Hallett, CLU

Founder and CEO

Jeremy loves challenges and is motivated to change the world with one kindness at a time. He believes in the butterfly principle and trusts that the kindness we display makes a much greater impact than most of us understand. At Quotacy, Jeremy’s role is to inspire our insurtech company toward further innovation with the spirit of kindness, compassion, and doing the right thing. Learn more via Jeremy’s press kit.

Headshot of Ryan Hallett, President of Quotacy, Inc.

Ryan Hallett

Co-founder and President

Ryan’s passion is his family. His work is an extension of what he holds most dear and he is happy to work in a caring industry. As a systems programmer, Ryan loves the challenge of organizing and transforming large blocks of data into useful information to help streamline Quotacy’s daily operations. When his dad started Hallett Financial Group and needed a computer system to manage life insurance applications, Ryan created a program while in high school to manage the agency that is in use today.

Headshot of Abby Reddy, CLU and CMO of Quotacy, Inc.

Abby Reddy

Co-founder and CMO

Abby began her career in life insurance in 2007, as the Marketing Director of Hallett Financial Group, and earned her CLU degree in 2012. Since 1996, as a developer, she’s designed pleasant and smooth customer web experiences. Abby enjoys creating partnerships across technology, insurance, and finance and is known for building innovative teams that are transforming the life insurance space. She relaxes by watching re-runs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a glass or two of wine.

Headshot of Jason Nash, Vice President of Sales and Operations, at Quotacy, Inc.

Jason Nash

Co-founder and VP of Sales and Operations

Jason is passionate about life insurance and its crucial role in helping families maintain their standard of living in times of need. He began his insurance career at a Fortune 20 health insurance provider and found his way into life insurance as a wholesaler for Hallett Financial Group in 2010. He holds an insurance license in all 50 states. Jason is an artist at heart who enjoys spending time with friends and family when he’s not working at Quotacy.

Headshot of Renee Soltis, Senior Agent and Team Lead, of Quotacy, Inc.

Renee Soltis

Senior Agent and Team Lead

Renee is a mom of three vibrant children and recognizes the importance of financial protection with life insurance for families with young children. When Renee isn’t sharing her knowledge of life insurance or wrangling her kids, she enjoys traveling, indulging her online shopping addiction, and enjoying time outdoors.

Headshot of Kate Thomas, Director of Inbound Marketing, at Quotacy, Inc.

Kate Thomas

Director of Inbound Marketing

Kate, inspired by the vision of our leadership team, jumped ship from her own marketing and web design company to lend her expertise to Quotacy. An SEO expert and customer-focused thinker, her goal is to make buying life insurance as simple as possible. In her off-time, Kate meditates, writes when inspired, and loves enjoying the sun, moon, and ocean.

Headshot of Chris Woolcott, Senior Information Architect, at Quotacy, Inc.

Chris Woolcott

Senior Information Architect

Chris has been a part of many of Minnesota’s Fortune 500 companies and dozens of successful startups, working on everything from some of the very first mobile applications to apps for Amazon’s Alexa program before coming to Quotacy. Chris teaches a web development class at Metropolitan State University and considers himself a life-long learner. He recently married his wife, Lyndsay, at a Game of Thrones style wedding in Vegas, and has a daughter at Bemidji State, as well as two sons, ages 10 and 1.

Advisory Board

Rajiv Tandon, Ph. D.

Executive Fellow, University of St. Thomas, Shulze School of Entrepreneurship

Lou Carbone

Founder, Experience Engineering

William R. Foudray

Executive Vice President, Vantage Financial

William Mills

President, Executive Group

PJ Voysey

President, TechAir Group

Larry Yatch

Owner, Sealed Mindset

Jake Butzer

Partner, Rocket 55

Robert J. Coughlan

Owner and Principal, Coughlan Companies, Inc.

Yuriy Vasylenko, MBA

CEO and President, Elite Medical Scribes

Team Quotacy

Glenn Terrell

Glenn Terrell

Licensed Agent and Life Insurance Consultant

Glenn started his life insurance career in 1987, working as an agency owner, manager, trainer, recruiter, and as an expert consultant across the insurance industry. Glenn loves helping families find solutions to their insurance needs. He likes outdoor time with his wife, Deb, going mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and gardening; or just relaxing and nurturing his profound love of music.

Cory Anderson

Cory Anderson

Licensed Agent

In 2016, Cory took to life insurance like a fish in water, passing his licensing tests with flying colors and becoming a full-fledged agent. Cory’s fresh perspective helps Quotacy stay ahead of the curve every day, and he’s excited to help a new generation of clients get the coverage they need. Cory likes relaxing at home, watching hockey and football, and hanging out with friends.

Cydney Haaland

Cydney Haaland

Licensed Agent

Cydney, a graduate from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, is passionate about helping people protect their families with life insurance. She is a caring person who resonates with Quotacy’s mission to do the right thing. Cydney loves to spend her free time reading, hanging out with family and friends, and training for half marathons.

Alex Kempf

Alex Kempf

Licensed Agent

After attending the University of Minnesota in Crookston, Alex came to the insurance industry to help make life easier for people across the USA who wish to protect their families. When he’s off the clock, Alex is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing, and is a self-professed baseball maniac.

Nikki Betzler

Nikki Betzler

Application Coordinator

Nikki, an avid life-long learner and big-picture thinker, studied international relations and business at Bethel University. An idealist at heart, she loves how life insurance is a tangible way to help protect families from financial tragedy all across the country. Besides serving others, Nikki is passionate about breakfast, running, travel, and reading at coffee shops.

Natasha Cornelius

Natasha Cornelius

Marketing Content and Social Media Manager

Natasha brought her customer-centric outlook and business marketing major to Quotacy in 2010. After spending five years working at an assisted living community, she had seen first-hand how important life insurance was for the families there. When she’s not at work, you can find her throwing a tennis ball for her pit bull mix, Emmett, or curled up on her couch watching Netflix. If it’s football season, the Packers game will be on.

Jeanna Simonson

Jeanna Simonson

Marketing Content and Social Media

Jeanna brings a passion for people, writing, and social media to Quotacy. Before entering the life insurance field, she spent six years working for a branding and marketing firm where she enjoyed creating engaging content. Jeanna is married with three rescued fur babies. She loves writing for her own personal beauty, fashion, and fitness lifestyle blog, volunteering for a local dog rescue, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Eric Lindholm

Eric Lindholm

Communications Coordinator

Eric loves telling stories. He spends his work hours producing videos, writing blogs, designing web pages, and sneaking in a joke or two whenever he gets a chance. When Eric isn’t spreading the word about Quotacy, you can find him cracking open a new book, watching reruns of The Joy of Painting, or playing Dungeons and Dragons until the wee hours of the morning.

Barb Krueger

Barb Krueger

Visual Designer

Barb specializes in web design and user experience. She likes working with the visionary minds at Quotacy and making our BHAG of a million families covered with life insurance a reality. In her spare time, Barb naps with her buddy, Pizza, a pint-sized orange tabby cat, who’s on Instagram, and runs around the City of Lakes.

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Quotacy, Inc. website assets: grayscale trusted life insurance carrier logos.
Quotacy, Inc. website assets: grayscale trusted life insurance carrier logos.
Quotacy, Inc. website assets: grayscale trusted life insurance carrier logos.
Quotacy, Inc. website assets: grayscale trusted life insurance carrier logos.