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Quotacy Life Insurance Videos

Life insurance is an important purchase and one that can sometimes seem overwhelming. For visual learners, these videos can help simplify common life insurance topics.

Life Insurance Basics

Want to learn more about life insurance but don’t know where to start? We cover everything from researching what type of life insurance policy to buy to how to get the best prices for coverage. Check out all of our life insurance videos below.

Quotacy Life Insurance Company Reviews

Which life insurance company is best for you? Learn how insurance companies compete for your business by offering better rates for certain health and lifestyle situations.

Life Insurance Explained

Looking for even more info about life insurance? We get into the nitty gritty of underwriting, payouts, and beneficiary designation for people who want to know everything about their life insurance policy. Make sure to check out the life insurance videos below! 

Q&A Fridays – Life Insurance Questions Answered

Every week Quotacy answers your questions about the basics of life insurance. Life insurance can be a lifesaver for families, especially those with young children, when the unexpected happens.

Life Insurance For Pre Existing Conditions

Have a medical condition but are unsure if you can get life insurance coverage? Quotacy works with multiple top-rated life insurance companies to provide life insurance to everyone who needs it.

Quotacy Insider Look

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The Quotacy Life Insurance Videos Team

Jeanna Simonson

Jeanna Simonson

Co-Host of Quotacy’s Q&A Friday YouTube Series and Social Media

At Quotacy, Jeanna has her hands in all things social media. She enjoys sharing the importance of life insurance behind the screen and onscreen with her co-host, Natasha.

Favorite movie: Step Brothers

Natasha Cornelius

Natasha Cornelius

Co-Host of Quotacy’s YouTube Series, Writer and Editor

Natasha is a writer at heart but was willing to overcome her fear of being onscreen to help make life insurance easier to understand through video. She does the research behind the scenes and writes the scripts.

Favorite movie: Dumb and Dumber

Eric Lindholm

Eric Lindholm

Video Producer and Communications Coordinator

Eric is the director, editor, producer, special effects lead, key grip, voice coach, lead gaffer, best boy, stunt coordinator, stunt double, and head of craft services for Quotacy’s video department.

Favorite movie: Miami Connection