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Editorial Standards

Effective October 20, 2022

Quotacy is an independent life insurance broker, so we are not beholden to any one life insurance company. Instead, we have an obligation to advocate for you, which we take very seriously.

Our writers are Quotacy employees who live and breathe life insurance. We never hire outside contributors and our writers never receive compensation from life insurance companies.

All content is current as of the publication date and fact-checked for accuracy, timeliness, and relevance before publication. Our life insurance reviews are objective, factual, and based on the actual features of the products. There is zero outside influence from our contracted insurance companies.

Our mission is for everyone with a loved one who depends upon them to have life insurance. With this mission in mind, we provide transparent advice that you can trust. We aim to educate and advise so you can be confident in your choices when buying life insurance through Quotacy or anywhere else. We use our internal experts and data as sources, which means we are never guessing or making assumptions when we write about life insurance and what our readers should expect when applying for life insurance or owning a policy.

Quotacy’s experts review the content you see on our website. Our editorial reviewers’ credentials include licensed agents, Chartered Life Underwriters (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC), Master of Science in Financial Services (MSFS), internal underwriters, and in-house industry experts.

Our writers and editors periodically review content to ensure it is up-to-date and accurate according to the latest product and underwriting changes from our insurance carriers, reports, regulatory guidance, and industry updates. You can see the most recent publication date at the top of an article.

Quotacy believes:

  • You shouldn’t have to disclose private contact information to get life insurance quotes or learn about life insurance.
  • You are entitled to transparent information from trustworthy sources.
  • Bait-and-switch practices are wrong. We work hard to set realistic expectations for you.
  • Life insurance is important to protect families, and finding affordable coverage for you is our priority.

How we make money:

Quotacy is an independent insurance broker licensed in all 50 US states plus Washington, DC, and as such, we receive commissions from insurance carriers on the products we sell. These commissions are paid to our company, not to our agents. Our licensed agents work to get you the best price on your policy based on your unique lifestyle and health situation.

How to reach us:

If you have questions, you may contact us using the Contact Us form on our site or at: info@quotacy.com; Phone: 844-786-8229 (844-QUOTACY) or by mail at: Quotacy, Inc., 505 Highway 169 N, Suite 560, Minneapolis, MN 55441.