Could also be called (Rate Class, Classification, UW Class, Health Classification)

Risk Class is the health classification the insurance companies put you in for pricing purposes based on your height and weight, tobacco use, family health history, and your personal medical history.

Risk Classes from Best to Last:

Each insurance company has their own name for each classification. Below are examples of different ways the carriers name their classifications.

(Best) Preferred Plus Non Tobacco , Preferred Best Non Tobacco, Super Preferred Non Tobacco, Preferred Elite Non tobacco, Select Preferred Non Tobacco, Premier Non Tobacco

(Second Best) Preferred NT, Preferred Best NT, Super Preferred NT, Elite NT

(Third Best) Standard Plus NT, Preferred NT, Select NT, Super Standard NT

(Fourth Best) Standard Non Tobacco, Non Tobacco

(Fifth Best) Preferred Tobacco

(Sixth Best) Standard Tobacco, Tobacco, Tobacco Standard

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