Q & A: Health Conditions and Lifestyle Choices

If I’ve been declined for health insurance, will I automatically be declined for life insurance?

No. Underwriting is a very technical process and we have been doing this for many years and have been able to get many people covered. We want you to get approved as much as you do, so we will do everything we can to get you insured with the policy of your choice.

Can I find out before applying if an existing health condition will affect my price?

Yes. Your pre-application will get you as close to the final price as possible without actually collecting medical records. We shop many insurance companies and match you up with the one that gives you the best policy for your conditions.

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If I’m a smoker can I still get life insurance?

Yes. Using tobacco does affect your life insurance rates in some cases, but will not make you ineligible for coverage.

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Will marijuana use affect my eligibility?

Yes and no; each insurance company will treat this differently. Some will just see you as a smoker and your rates may go up a bit. Other insurance companies could decline you for coverage if you have a history of drug abuse or treatment. We even work with insurance companies that now take no action on marijuana use and could offer you their best price still if other risk factors check out.

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If I use chewing tobacco can I still get life insurance?

Yes. Chewing tobacco will not make you ineligible for life insurance; however it may result in you having to pay a slightly higher price, and some insurance companies we work with even give chewers a non-tobacco price and won’t raise your cost at all.

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Will a DWI or DUI make me ineligible for life insurance?

Not always. If you had just one DWI/DUI most likely only some action will be taken. The insurance companies do take them seriously though, and the more recent your conviction or the higher the number of DWI/DUIs you’ve had, the more likely you are to get a price increase.

How long after a DWI or DUI until I can apply for life insurance?

Typically 12 months after the conviction; however, certain insurance companies may make an exception if it was just a one-time occurrence.

Can I get life insurance if I have been to alcohol or drug abuse treatment?

Yes. Your premium will be a bit higher, but your individual situation will determine the final outcome depending on how many times you’ve been to treatment and how long ago it was. If it has been many years, they may not even factor it into your price.

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If I have a health condition, can I still get life insurance?

Absolutely. We work hard to get you covered no matter what your health conditions are. The only variable is that our online quoting tool cannot factor in every possible health condition, so the displayed rates may vary from the actual final price depending on the uniqueness of your condition. If your situation is unique, we like to give you some extra attention to make sure we find the best price, so this usually requires a phone conversation.

Can a person with diabetes get life insurance?

Yes. Every situation is looked at on an individual basis as far as the price you will pay, but we fight hard to get you the best price no matter what health conditions you have.

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How will the medications I take affect my life insurance premiums?

Depending on the reason for the medication, the underwriters will make a determination whether to slightly increase your price or to not offer coverage at all. In most cases, we can work out a way to get a policy approved if your medications are not for a terminal illness.

If I have a felony, can I still get life insurance?

Yes. Depending on the circumstances of the felony, certain carriers will accept and others may not. If you are currently serving time in jail or on parole, you will not be eligible for life insurance.

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Are pilots able to get life insurance?

Yes. You can get life insurance as a pilot, but you may end up paying a bit more. You shouldn’t be declined unless you are flying into hazardous parts of the world, like a war zone.

I travel outside the US often, will this affect my eligibility for life insurance?

Maybe. You can be declined for life insurance if you travel to extremely high risk or hazardous areas like war zones. But for personal travel to safe zones, no action is taken.

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I sometimes do extreme sports like skydiving and scuba diving; can I still get life insurance?

Yes. It will depend on how often and how risky the activities are. Your rates may go up a bit, but it is not an automatic decline. If it’s just recreational or one time on vacation, your risk is low and the insurance companies probably may not even take it into consideration.

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