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Never spend your money before you have earned it. 
– Thomas Jefferson

Keeping track of your tax return

Have you finished your taxes yet? If you have, pat yourself on the back! But the IRS can still look your way for an audit. Learn what to do with your tax return to make sure everything is A-OK.
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Budgeting for your dream vacation

With summer coming up fast, learn how to set up your budget for any getaway you have planned.
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Got a raise? Make sure you spend smarter too

Shops can’t be sure that you’re really you if your identity gets stolen. Learn how to protect yourself.
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About the writer

Headshot of Eric Lindholm, a life insurance writer, for Quotacy, Inc.

Eric Lindholm

Communications Coordinator


Eric moved from sales to communications at Quotacy. His writing is informed by his experience guiding hundreds of people through their own life insurance buying journey. Eric lives in Minneapolis, where his coworkers are trying to convince him to start his own podcast, do stand-up, or take his humor into the spotlight. Connect with him on LinkedIn.