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Let’s talk kids! Editor’s Note – This is an archive of Issue #17 of the Quotacy Newsletter, which was sent out on 8/6/2017. The Quotacy Newsletter consists of articles that we hand-picked from across the web, and it’s all about keeping our readers physically and mentally healthy so their lives are as great as possible. We go over topics ranging from physical fitness and dietary advice to cyber security and financial planning – anything that can help make life easier.

Never underestimate the
importance of having fun.
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How Children Play: Age By Age

Finding the right toys for your kids is often daunting to new parents. How interactive should they be? When should you introduce electronic games and toys? On a scale of one to ten, how swallow-able are these pieces?

The fine folks at Parents.com have put together an age-by-age for kids set of guidelines for parents looking to keep their kids entertained with toys that fit and improve their developmental progress.

Key Points:

Less than one year old? Try simple toys that engage with multiple senses – soft, textured, durable toys are a must. Bonus points if they make fun noises.

Kids aged 1-2 typically benefit from toys that demonstrate cause and effect. Shape sorters, large stacking toys, and toys they can push or pull to activate are safe bets.

2-3 year-olds are developing true imagination, so props for make-believe play are surefire hits. Simple musical instruments and puzzles can also help them flex their fine motor skills.

From 4 to 5, kids are knowledge sponges, so toys that will help them learn math and verbal skills will be doubly effective. This is also a great age to introduce more complex building sets like Lego and a variety of arts and crafts supplies.

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FOCUS ON: Medical Marvels

Scientists Build a Better Band-Aid

One of the most crucial parts of treating an injury is the process of properly closing the wound, whether it’s a skinned knee or an incision for an open-heart surgery. However, researchers at Harvard have created a material that mimics the natural strength, flexibility and adaptability of human cartilage, even when wet.

They got the idea by studying a particular type of slug, which releases a super-strong organic adhesive when threatened. The researchers engineered a similar formula to create a new type of medical glue that can be applied directly to wounds like a band-aid, or molded into custom shapes to help more extensive wounds heal.

Key Points:

Compared to other medical adhesives currently in use, this experimental material held up three times as long under repeated stretching and contracting. It’s also biodegradable, which means that the formula could be engineered to dissolve on its own after a set amount of time, when the wound heals.

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FOCUS ON: Money and Stress

4 Ways to Stop Stressing About Money

When it comes to money, everyone wants it, nobody has what they think they need, and a single misstep can mean that it all goes away. We all carry money stress with us in our lives, and trying to handle it can be tough.

However, there are a few strategies that you can use in order to keep your mind off your money, and your money off your mind. Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck or stressing about your retirement plan, there are a few simple strategies that will help you get it all in order.

Key Points:

– If you’re barely scraping by, take a step back and perform a spending audit to get rid of the non-essentials. Even having your spending plan written down can help you de-stress.
– If debt’s keeping you down, put together a payment plan to help you deal with higher interest debt first.
– Looking forward to an uncertain retirement? Start considering a higher contribution to your IRA – especially if your employer will match your contributions.

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FOCUS ON: Tidying Up

5 Ways to De-Clutter Your Devices

Odds are that you have quite a few apps on your phone. Possibly too many apps, if you’re being honest with yourself. Even if you aren’t bumping up against your storage limits, having a cluttered home screen is like having a dirty desk – it gets annoying after a while.

If you’re looking for ways to recycle your digital space, this article can give you a few places to get started.

Key Points:

– First, clean out your phone by getting rid of apps you don’t use anymore.
– Then, set up your home screen with the apps you use most often.
– If you’re not sure what you want on your home screen, think about the apps that will help you be most productive when you flip on your phone during down time.

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FOCUS ON: Catching some Z’s

7 Tips to Help You sleep Better

Waking up is really hard to do some mornings, but there are a few ways to make sure that you’re getting the most possible rest when you hit the hay. To help, we’ve compiled a short list of sleep tips that we think are most effective based on what we’ve tried in the past.

Key Points:

– Don’t eat dinner right before bed
– Hide your alarm clock
– Turn off all artificial lights
– Prepare for the next day during your bedtime ritual
– Don’t get into bed until you’re actually tired
– turn down your thermostat in your bedroom
– Set a sleep schedule, and stick to it

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