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Congrats! You’re now responsible for your brand new, very own, very demanding little human. On a pitiful amount of sleep, between listening to Mozart for Babies on loop and wondering if you made the right decision in the cloth vs. disposable debate, you might have neglected a not-so-insignificant component of family life: term life insurance.

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We’re saying might, but according to several recent studies between 40% and 55% of millennial parents don’t have any life insurance, and millennials represent the biggest chunk—more than 80%—of America’s new parents.

It isn’t a lack of concern for your family’s financial future that’s keeping you from selecting a term life insurance option. You’ve got time—but certainly not a lot of it—and the industry hasn’t exactly made it simple to click, access the life insurance information that you need to make a decision, and be on your way.

Getting objective information on how to compare life insurance policies is also more difficult than it needs to be, unless you’re already using one of the free life insurance needs calculators.

The top search engine results are often insurance brand websites that promote their own products but often leave you guessing as to which policy offers the best value for your family.

In fact, more than 83% of American consumers said in a recent poll that they would buy term life insurance if information on how to select the right policy wasn’t difficult to find and was easy to understand.

So let’s fix this.

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First, a brief reality check. For the first time in decades, life expectancy for Americans decreased in 2015. It happened again in 2016, and researchers report that we’re also dying younger, despite modern medicine’s recent advances in long-term care and disease management.

Translation? Life expectancy for millennials in America dropped by six months between 2015 and 2016. As millennials, your collective future is bright in many aspects but it is far from certain for any of us.

Let’s look at what’s at stake.

If You’ve Got a Kid and You’re Not Immortal, You Need Life Insurance

Regardless of how wellness-conscious or risk-averse you are, some of the things that we think will never happen to us or our loved ones actually do happen.

What’s important to realize right now is that as new parents, your family is, without a doubt, financially vulnerable if you haven’t found a term life insurance policy. Protecting your family’s standard of living, your savings, and your children’s future isn’t something you can afford to postpone.

Just under 70% of millennials say that researching life insurance options just takes too much time away from their already-packed schedules, and that’s a big part of the reason why they’re uninsured.

We get that: it’s a time issue, not recklessness, and we’ve got a workaround for you.

But first, let’s get the basics out of the way.

The Numbers, How Term Life Insurance Works

For most families, term life insurance is the best option. It’s a type of policy that is offered usually in terms of 10 to 35 years. This type of policy is designed to meet your needs as your family grows and can be far more affordable than whole life insurance.

For example, a term life policy might offer $500,000 in coverage for a 20-year term for less than you’ll spend on lattes each month. That might seem like a lot of coverage, but factor in, for example, the cost of paying off private student loans or managing college tuition down the road for your little person (the average college tuition bill for an out-of-state student at a public university was more than $100K in 2017).

You’ll quickly realize that less isn’t really much when it comes to protecting your family’s future.

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The Workaround: Find the Right Policy in Minutes—Because That’s Probably All You’ve Got to Spare

If you don’t have the time—or the wakefulness—to scroll through a multi-page FAQ or skim dozens of provider websites, you’ll want a tool that gets you life insurance quotes fast and does the heavy lifting for you.

Our quoting tool lets you comparison shop for affordable term life policies from trustworthy (financially secure) companies in minutes.

At Quotacy we understand how much is riding on your financial choices during that first year of parenthood. You’ll win at the most important aspects of guiding your child through life, but you’ll also make mistakes.

Not having a term life insurance policy, however, is one mistake you don’t have to make. If you’re looking for a term life insurance solution that is affordable, comprehensive, and easy to apply for, we’ve got you covered.

Get free online quotes and find the right policy in minutes here.

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