As a society, we love buying things; I know I do. With most things we buy, like a new car or that 70 inch 4K Ultra HD TV, we usually have a few questions that we want answered before we whip out the credit card and seal the deal. It’s no different when you’re looking to buy life insurance. You have questions you want answered. But when it comes to buying life insurance, getting questions answered in a way that makes sense can sometimes be difficult if you don’t have a good source.

The good news is that understanding and buying life insurance is not as difficult as you think after learning the basic principles of the products. In fact, buying life insurance to protect the future of your loved ones can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience with the right guidance and coaching.

The most common questions people have when thinking about life insurance are usually:

  1. How much do I need?
  2. How do I buy it?
  3. How much does it cost?

Americans have hit a milestone with life insurance and it’s not a positive one. Life insurance ownership is at a 50 year low and many of those who need it most are not getting the answers they need to feel confident before buying a plan because they don’t feel like they know enough to make a good decision.

Here is some help and guidance to make it a bit easier if you’re still unsure about life insurance. The majority of the population would be just fine with a simple temporary (term) life insurance policy. Term life insurance is a very inexpensive option compared to some of the more sophisticated permanent life insurance plans.

Now to determine how much you should buy. The best tip I give people is buy whatever amount you can afford. If you only have twenty extra dollars a month, then buy twenty dollars a month worth of term life insurance. Believe it or not, you can get almost half a million dollars of coverage for twenty dollars a month if you’re under forty years old and healthy.

If you are more concerned about being sure that your family will be comfortable for many years to come if you’re not around someday, then a simple needs analysis can be a great way to see how long a certain amount of coverage will provide for those you’d leave behind.

Quotacy has a great interactive needs analysis tool that allows you to input your earnings and debt, and then slide the dials on your PC or iPad until your coverage amount matches your loved one’s lifestyle needs. A needs analysis a great starting point to determine what you need. But keep in mind, any amount of life insurance is better than none, so if the needs analysis tool suggests more than you think you can afford, slide the dial down until it fits your budget and buy that amount for now. Many people start with a small life insurance policy and increase the amount they carry as they age. It’s never too soon to buy life insurance, it’s only too late. Be prepared and get a free and anonymous term life insurance quote today.

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