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Community Property States and Life Insurance Payouts

Do you live in Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, or Wisconsin?

If so, you live in a community-property state. Tune in to this episode of Quotacy’s Q&A Friday when video co-hosts Jeanna and Natasha talk about how living in a community-property state may affect your life insurance

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Real Life Podcast: Lost in Death Valley

Warning: Listening to this podcast episode may shake your confidence in GPS.

In this episode of Quotacy’s Real Life podcast, co-host Chuck Anderson regales us with his near-death experience of wandering lost and alone in the Death Valley desert.

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Your Life Insurance Beneficiary Review Guide

mature couple on their wedding day for Quotacy blog Your Life Insurance Beneficiary Review Guide

Did you know you can change your life insurance policy’s beneficiary at any time? Be sure to review your policy after every big life event such as marriage or a new birth.

This beneficiary review guide provides examples of when a beneficiary change may be in your best interest. This guide also shares other types of financial products you may own that also could use the occasional beneficiary review.

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Have Kids? Learn How Your Life Insurance Can Help Protect Them

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The Quotacy Water Cooler: Pillowcases Done Quick

Back in the Quotacy marketing department, the subject of bed making came up. Natasha and Eric dazzled our graphic designer, Barb, by telling her about the pillowcase trick. Do you know it? It’ll save you so much struggle while making the bed.

Step 1 – Turn your freshly washed pillowcase inside out.

Step 2 – Put your arms inside the pillowcase and grab the inside corners.

Step 3 – While grabbing the pillowcase corners, also grab the corners of a pillow.

Step 4 – With a little force, “whip” the pillowcase over the pillow. Boom. Done.

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