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Editor’s Note – This is an archive of Issue #2 of the Quotacy Newsletter, which was sent out on 12/06/2016. The Quotacy Newsletter consists of articles that we hand-picked from across the web, and it’s all about keeping our readers physically and mentally healthy so their lives are as great as possible. We go over topics ranging from physical fitness and dietary advice to cyber security and financial planning – anything that can help make life easier.

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Very little is needed
to make a happy life;
it is all within yourself,
in your way of thinking.
-Marcus Aurelius

Quotacy Newsletter: Top Story
Ask a Nutritionist: Balancing Breakfast

What exactly IS a balanced breakfast? Is it a big bowl of cereal, a side of bacon, a glass of OJ and a side of toast? Biscuits and gravy? English muffin and jam? Nutritionists say it’s not that simple. Getting a great start to your day is actually a delicate process that varies from person to person.

Key Points: Skip the sugar. Don’t overeat. Stock up on whole grains, fruits, and healthy protein. If you’re heading to work, swap out bacon in favor of peanut butter or eggs. When in doubt, toast with peanut butter alongside an apple or orange is a pretty safe bet.
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Quotacy Newsletter: Focus on: Healthy Relationships
Healthy Relationships Lead to a Healthy Life

As the holiday season keeps getting closer, it’s important to spend time with your family and revisit relationships you don’t get to maintain in person often. Not only is talking to a loved one fun and comforting, but keeping strong connections with your friends and family has been scientifically proven to have health benefits, even outside of the comfort they provide.

Key Points: Healthy relationships reduce early mortality rates by up to 50%. Hormones released when you feel cared for can manage stress, which helps your coronary arteries, immune system, gut function, and even insulin regulation.
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Quotacy Newsletter: Focus on: Fitness
A Simple Program to Help You Start Running

Running is simple. You don’t need special equipment, you don’t need a gym membership, and you don’t need a personal trainer – just put on a pair of shoes and go. If you’re looking to get in shape or add running to your existing exercise routine, try this simple regimen designed by a longtime runner and coach to get your body used to the workout.

Key Points: 30 minutes is the sweet spot. 5 minutes warming up with walking. 20 minutes of alternating running and walking. Run until you can hear your breath, then walk until you catch it, then repeat. 5 minutes of walking to cool back down. You’ll naturally start to run further during the 20 minute stretch as your cardio improves.
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Quotacy Newsletter: Focus on: Learning Something New
How Rebels Used X-Rays to Smuggle Rock N’ Roll into the USSR

During the height of the Cold War, vinyl records were in short supply in the Soviet Union. However, western culture found its way into Russia via the use of “Bone Music,” bootleg records made from used X-Rays that were smuggled into illegal listening parties.

Key Points: To spread music like The Twist and Hound Dog, ‘pop-culture moonshiners’ cut X-Ray plates into discs with manicurist’s scissors, burned holes into the center with cigarettes, and reverse-engineered western record duplication technology, risking imprisonment in the process. If you have 15 minutes, the audio version of this story is well worth a listen.
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Quotacy Newsletter: Focus on: Healthy Habits
Cholesterol Changes With The Seasons – And So Should You

Winter is coming… and so is high cholesterol. During the colder months, people tend to eat comfort foods more often and exercise less. These two trends bring with them higher cholesterol levels. This isn’t the norm for everyone, but if it sounds like you, you might need to consider rethinking your winter habits. This article walks through a few of the most common cholesterol-unfriendly behaviors people slip into during the winter, and how you can work to keep it low.

Key Points: Staying active and keeping away from comfort foods during the winter months can be tough, but it’ll have lasting benefits for your overall health. Unsaturated fats are better than saturated ones, and even 30 minutes of exercise daily can have a big impact.
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The Quotacy Newsletter consists of articles that we hand-picked from across the web, and it’s all about keeping our readers physically and mentally healthy so their lives are as great as possible.

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