About My Policy

Owning life insurance brings blessed peace of mind, but your job isn’t done yet. Life insurance is not a “set it and forget it” purchase. Here are some helpful blogs about how you can use your life insurance policy, and what it means to be a policyowner.

What Should I Know About My Policy?

Life insurance policies are a binding contract. Policies come with certain features and traits that are important to understand. These articles explain the fine print most policies include.

What are some common life insurance policy clauses and exclusions?
What are my options if my term policy is about to expire?
Why do premiums increase at the end of a term policy?
What happens if I can’t pay my premiums on time?
What happens if I don’t die while my policy is inforce?

What Should I Know About Being a Policyowner?

It’s important to keep tabs on your coverage and make sure it’s still working for you. Once you purchase life insurance, don’t just toss the policy in a drawer never to be seen or talked about again. These articles explain what you need to know once you own life insurance, and ways to make sure your coverage stays in tip-top shape.

What does it mean to be a policyowner?
How should I talk to my family about my life insurance policy?
When should I review my policy?
Will I need to increase my coverage?
What is a term conversion?
What’s the best way of keeping my policy safe?
How do I file a life insurance claim?

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