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Having coverage through work is a great benefit. It’s also a common reason people don’t think they need their own. But before you rule out an individual policy, here are several things to consider.

The amount of coverage:

There’s a significant difference in what your family needs and what your employer offers.

  • 1-2x annual income is what employers typically offer
  • 10x annual income is what experts recommend

Consider what your family may need to pay for:

  • Funeral and burial costs ($10,000 on average)
  • Current and future expenses
  • Medical bills and high-interest debt
  • Rent or mortgage payments

Cons of group life insurance:

Coverage through work will hopefully last as long as your employment, but it’s not guaranteed. And employers are not required to offer it.

Things to consider:

  • Coverage will end if you leave your job
  • A policy from a new employer can take 30-90 days
  • A new employer may not offer life insurance

Pros of buying your own policy:

We recommend an individual policy as your base coverage and supplement it with your policy through work.

Things to consider:

  • Easy and affordable financial security for your family
  • Customize coverage amount and length to fit your needs
  • Coverage will follow you from employer to employer

If you have any questions:

  • Call us at (844) 786-8229 or livechat with an agent – we’d be happy to help.

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