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Cover your debt

Protect your family from financial risk with life insurance

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How to use life insurance to cover your debt

Calculate how much life insurance you need to pay off your debt

Buy enough term life insurance to ensure your loved ones can pay off your debt if you die. Figure out how much coverage you need using our life insurance needs calculator. It helps you decide how much debt plus ongoing income you need to protect your family for a duration of time that gives you peace of mind.

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Cover your home payment with life insurance


If you died who would pay your mortgage? Term life insurance can cover your payment so that your family would not have to move. Buy enough term life insurance to pay off your mortgage for the amount of years remaining on your loan.

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Cover your co-signed debt with life insurance

Get term life insurance to protect the co-signer of your student loan, home mortgage, or credit card debt should you die before your loan is repaid. You, the borrower, can purchase term life insurance on yourself and name your co-signer as a beneficiary or your co-signer can own a life insurance policy on you, the borrower.

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Cover your child's education expenses with life insurance



If you would like your child to be able to go to college, you can buy enough life insurance to cover the cost of their education. A good education can help your children take care of themselves well into the future. It’s a gift that lasts a lifetime.

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Read our buyer's guide for term life insurance

Term life insurance can replace your earned income until your family has saved enough money to cover monthly expenses or loan repayment on your student loans, home mortgage, or credit cards. Choose your life insurance term length and coverage amount based on how much debt you wish to cover or how much earned income you need to replace. Learn more: Term Life Insurance Buyer’s Guide   Get your quote  Estimate your needs

Cover your business debt with life insurance


Term life insurance for your business loans can protect your loved ones. If you, the business owner, die your family may be responsible for repaying your loan. Life insurance mitigates this risk by providing your family with money for the years remaining on your loan.

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Cover your final expenses with life insurance

Your final expenses may include your funeral, burial, medical bills, or estate expenses. Plan ahead and cover these costs with life insurance.

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How much life insurance do you need?

Our easy-to-use calculator can help you figure out your action plan

What our customers say about Quotacy

Too simple

Using Quotacy made things so simple, I literally couldn't believe the process was done, when it was done. I still really can't believe it. Thank you to Jason and the Quotacy team for helping me navigate what would have been a daunting task if I had to undertake it on my own.

five stars

Great way to purchase life insurance!

Quotacy is THE way to buy life insurance. Through one request for quote got the best deal and great customer service. Would recommend Quotacy to everyone for your life insurance needs.

five stars

Quick and easy

From the beginning to the end of getting my policy I received important updates and status of where my application was. If I had a question I was given a timeline of when I can hear back. I heard back no more than 24 hours.

five stars

Best representatives

Quotacy has done a great job from start to finish in getting my insurance policy set up. They have the easy to use website and great representative.

five stars

Easy as 1, 2, 3

I give Quotacy the highest rating because of how incredibly easy it was to go through the entire process. They were in frequent contact and the communication was concise and made me feel like they were taking care of everything at every step. So far, so good. I have zero complaints. It has been as easy as 1, 2, 3. Thank you very much for your efforts.

five stars

Wonderful experience with Quotacy

Thanks to the staff at Quotacy the process of buying life insurance was very positive and painless. From initial contact with the team to the day my policy became active everything was seamless. The communication from my agent was exceptional. He guided me through the process every step of the way and made sure I got the best policy at the best price. I would definitely recommend the Quotacy team!

five stars

Best price with great customer service

Quotacy got me the best price for my life insurance with a major company and stepped me through the process the whole way. They were very quick and thorough when responding to my inquiries. I would highly recommend using Quotacy!

five stars

Fast and efficient service

From initial quote, to medical exam, to the final paper work, Quotacy provided fast and efficient service. They walked me through the life insurance application process and kept me well-informed through the entire process.

five stars

Amazing agent

My agent Jason was phenomenal. I had many questions about purchasing life insurance—which is a somewhat overwhelming decision because you obviously want to purchase what's right for you. My agent was exceptional at answering questions and giving me as much detail as possible regarding everything. In a world full of many agencies, I can say I am happy with the one I chose. Thank you so much.

five stars

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Life insurance made easy

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Our rates come from the insurance carriers. We compare the best rates for your policy options, so you don’t have to shop agent-to-agent. Insurance prices are regulated, so you won’t find better rates—even if you worked directly with the insurer. This saves you time and money.

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Hassle-free from
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When you apply through Quotacy, our experts shop your case and advocate for you. Our team will take care of the paperwork. We go back-and-forth with the insurance companies so that you don’t have to.

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Expert advice.
Easy communication.

Complete your application online with Quotacy. Our team works on salary, not commission. They will advocate for what is best for you. Take care of everything online or livechat, text, email, or talk with our care team whenever you need help.

Your love. Our life insurance.

We’d be honored to help you protect your family with the gift of life insurance

Quotacy, Inc. website assets: grayscale trusted life insurance carrier logos.
Quotacy, Inc. website assets: grayscale trusted life insurance carrier logos.
Quotacy, Inc. website assets: grayscale trusted life insurance carrier logos.
Quotacy, Inc. website assets: grayscale trusted life insurance carrier logos.