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How-to guide for policyholders

As your life evolves, so does your insurance

Your self-guided life insurance needs review

Review your own life insurance coverage needs via our eleven guided questions. No means your current coverage is golden. Yes means change your coverage or your beneficiary.

  1. Why did you originally buy life insurance? Has your protection goal changed?
  2. Have you increased your mortgage via a home or vacation property purchase?
  3. Have your increased your debt?
  4. Have you or your spouse/partner changed jobs? Did your income or benefits change significantly?
  5. Do you or your spouse/partner plan on taking early retirement soon?
  6. Did you get  married or divorced?
  7. Have you added children or grandchildren to your family?
  8. Have your kids moved out or returned home to live with you?
  9. Has anyone in your family had serious health issues?
  10. Have you done estate planning? Updated your will or power of attorney? Inherited money?
  11. Do you need to change the beneficiary on your life insurance policy?

Our life insurance agents can help your coverage evolve to match your changing lifestyle.

If you need assistance, you can livechat, text, email, or talk with one of our advisors.

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Your life insurance after a divorce

A divorce, especially one involving children, can be a change that impacts your life insurance needs. Our agents can help your coverage evolve to match your changing lifestyle.

If you need assistance, you can livechat, text, email, or talk with one of our advisors.

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Your life insurance after new baby

Congratulations on your new baby. Look at your current policy to check if your beneficiary is the guardian of your child. If so, you do not need to make any changes to your beneficiary. Minors, like a new baby, cannot be life insurance beneficiaries, but be sure to update your will and living trust with your baby’s name. You may want to consider buying a second life insurance policy if you need more coverage. Our life insurance agents can help your coverage evolve to match your changing lifestyle.

If you need assistance, you can livechat, text, email, or talk with one of our advisors.

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How to name or change your beneficiary

Contact your life insurance company to fill out a change of beneficiary form.

If you need assistance, you can livechat, text, email, or talk with one of our advisors.

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How to file a life insurance claim

Our Survivor’s Guide is a helpful resource if you are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Here is a simple road map for filing a life insurance claim:

  1. Contact your life insurance agent or employer, if it’s a life insurance policy from a benefit’s package.
  2. Obtain a copy of the official death certificate.
  3. Complete a claim form from your insurance company.
  4. Submit your claim paperwork, IRS forms, and the death certificate to the insurance company.

If you need assistance, you can livechat, text, email, or talk with one of our advisors.

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What our customers say about Quotacy

Too simple

Using Quotacy made things so simple, I literally couldn't believe the process was done, when it was done. I still really can't believe it. Thank you to Jason and the Quotacy team for helping me navigate what would have been a daunting task if I had to undertake it on my own.

five stars

Buying life insurance just got a lot easier with Quotacy

I had a great experience with Quotacy buying my first term life insurance policy. I had sought quotes from other internet-based companies like Quotacy but Renee and her colleagues were the fastest to respond and quoted me a variety of companies/plans at prices that seemed to be at or below what I found with other companies or direct from insurance companies. When I selected the best plan for my needs, Renee explained the paperwork process and setting up the health screening as painless as possible. She even followed up with a nice personalized card to say thanks for choosing Quotacy. It was so nice having the consistent follow-up and getting questions answered immediately that wasn't at all pushing one company or product.

five stars

Great way to purchase life insurance!

Quotacy is THE way to buy life insurance. Through one request for quote got the best deal and great customer service. Would recommend Quotacy to everyone for your life insurance needs.

five stars

Quick and easy

From the beginning to the end of getting my policy I received important updates and status of where my application was. If I had a question I was given a timeline of when I can hear back. I heard back no more than 24 hours.

five stars

Best representatives

Quotacy has done a great job from start to finish in getting my insurance policy set up. They have the easy to use website and great representative.

five stars

Easy as 1, 2, 3

I give Quotacy the highest rating because of how incredibly easy it was to go through the entire process. They were in frequent contact and the communication was concise and made me feel like they were taking care of everything at every step. So far, so good. I have zero complaints. It has been as easy as 1, 2, 3. Thank you very much for your efforts.

five stars

Wonderful experience with Quotacy

Thanks to the staff at Quotacy the process of buying life insurance was very positive and painless. From initial contact with the team to the day my policy became active everything was seamless. The communication from my agent was exceptional. He guided me through the process every step of the way and made sure I got the best policy at the best price. I would definitely recommend the Quotacy team!

five stars

Highly recommend

Renee and Brandon at Quotacy were highly responsive, and had excellent communication and follow-up. They answered all my questions and facilitated everything from start to finish. When I got too busy with other things to focus on finalizing my life insurance paperwork, they followed-up on important milestones without being overly pushy. I also have peace-of-mind knowing that I shopped around to get the best price without actually having to do the legwork myself. Overall, I think the process was as smooth as possible with their help, and I'd definitely recommend Quotacy to others.

five stars

Best price with great customer service

Quotacy got me the best price for my life insurance with a major company and stepped me through the process the whole way. They were very quick and thorough when responding to my inquiries. I would highly recommend using Quotacy!

five stars

Fast and efficient service

From initial quote, to medical exam, to the final paper work, Quotacy provided fast and efficient service. They walked me through the life insurance application process and kept me well-informed through the entire process.

five stars

Very smooth process

I found the process of applying for a life insurance policy through Quotacy to be very smooth with excellent communication throughout. What drew me to the site was the ease of policy cost comparison between the insurers based on a simplified questionnaire. From that point, there were frequent and personalized email updates keeping me informed every step of the way, which led to a policy customized for my needs. I recommend Quotacy for anyone shopping for life insurance.

five stars

Amazing agent

My agent Jason was phenomenal. I had many questions about purchasing life insurance—which is a somewhat overwhelming decision because you obviously want to purchase what's right for you. My agent was exceptional at answering questions and giving me as much detail as possible regarding everything. In a world full of many agencies, I can say I am happy with the one I chose. Thank you so much.

five stars

A pain-free experience

I read some reviews about various insurance quote sites, and I decided to try Quotacy. I found the process extremely easy, and the web application was smooth and polished (kudos to the design and dev team!). I think the highlight of the entire process, however, was having real people communicate with me via email. The emails weren't "template emails" but real correspondence with me during the entire process, and my rep kept me in the loop from start to finish. I don't know how other sites do because I haven't tried them, but I am very impressed with Quotacy.

five stars

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