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Life insurance basics for non-citizens

Non-US citizens can face a few additional challenges when applying for life insurance coverage, often based on their residency status, ID type, and home country. Working with an experienced independent agent can help you navigate your application, and offer you options in case one carrier can’t extend coverage.

What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance provides income protection. If you were to die, your life insurance policy would pay out a lump sum to family members named as your beneficiaries. Many financial advisors suggest having 10 to 20 times your income in life insurance to maintain your loved ones’ standard of living.


Estimate how much life insurance your family needs with our calculator. Or get your quote to see how affordable term life insurance is.

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Why do stay-at-home parents need life insurance?

The care that you provide your children is priceless. Life insurance cannot replace the love you give your family. But it can keep your family together after the unexpected death of mom or dad. Take a moment to appreciate all the household and caregiving tasks that you do for your family each day. If you were not there, who would take care of them? Would they need to be hired out or could another family member jump in? Childcare alone costs on average $18,000 a year per child in the USA. Traditionally people assume only the breadwinner needs insurance, but valuing the caregiving that the stay-at-home parent provides is best for families who wish to create financial stability.


Estimate how much life insurance your family needs with our calculator. Or get your quote to see how affordable term life insurance is.

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Why do single parents need life insurance?

You’re the sun, moon, and stars for your child. She relies on you completely for her financial and emotional well-being. As a single parent consider getting enough life insurance to cover your income, childcare, future education expenses, and your final expenses (your debt and memorial service). Consider who should be the legal guardian of your child if you were to die unexpectedly. Then, name a trust as your policy beneficiary to ensure that your minor child will receive the financial benefits you intend for them. Our care team of licensed agents have guided many single parents through these steps. We would be honored to help your family, too.


Estimate how much life insurance your family needs with our calculator. Or get your quote to see how affordable term life insurance is.

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My spouse or partner has life insurance. Do I need it?

The goal of owning term life insurance is to protect your children from the loss of financial support that they rely on to have a happy and fulfilled life. It can cover everything from food to a prom dress. If you contribute to the household income that makes these possible, you need life insurance, even if you are not earning a paycheck outside your home. To maintain the lifestyle of your family, it’s best to insure both parents.


Estimate how much life insurance your family needs with our calculator. Or get your quote to see how affordable term life insurance is.

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Should my child have life insurance?

Many life insurance companies offer you the option to add a child rider to your term life insurance policy. These are inexpensive riders that insure all of your minor children. Adding a child rider also helps your children’s future insurability.


Estimate how much life insurance your family needs with our calculator. Or get your quote to see how affordable term life insurance is.

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How does life insurance benefit your special needs child?

Many parents of children with disabilities have helped their child obtain life insurance by choosing Principal as their carrier when applying. Principal allows a special needs child to be covered by their child rider that can be later converted into a permanent policy.


Estimate how much life insurance your family needs with our calculator. Or get your quote to see how affordable term life insurance is.

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How does pregnancy affect life insurance rates?
If you are thinking about starting a family or adding more little ones, it is a good idea to obtain life insurance before your pregnancy. Life insurance carriers base the price of your policy in part on your blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. All of these can increase while pregnant and would negatively impact your rates.
If you already purchased life insurance while pregnant, know that you can reapply one to two years after your policy went inforce to see if your carrier will lower your rates. You can also apply for a new policy and cancel your old one.


Estimate how much life insurance your family needs with our calculator. Or get your quote to see how affordable term life insurance is.

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Is life insurance helpful for divorced parents?

If you are facing a divorce, know that term life insurance can be used to cover alimony or child support that you are due post-divorce. Setting up a policy on your ex-spouse with you as the policyowner is a great option to protect that income.  Make sure that the policy is adequate enough to replace the money you would be receiving for alimony and/or child support.


Estimate how much life insurance your family needs with our calculator. Or get your quote to see how affordable term life insurance is.

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How much life insurance do you need?
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What our customers say about working with Quotacy


Too simple

Using Quotacy made things so simple, I literally couldn’t believe the process was done, when it was done. I still really can’t believe it. Thank you to Jason and the Quotacy team for helping me navigate what would have been a daunting task if I had to undertake it on my own.

five stars


Buying life insurance just got a lot easier with Quotacy

I had a great experience with Quotacy buying my first term life insurance policy. I had sought quotes from other internet-based companies like Quotacy but Renee and her colleagues were the fastest to respond and quoted me a variety of companies/plans at prices that seemed to be at or below what I found with other companies or direct from insurance companies. When I selected the best plan for my needs, Renee explained the paperwork process and setting up the health screening as painless as possible. She even followed up with a nice personalized card to say thanks for choosing Quotacy. It was so nice having the consistent follow-up and getting questions answered immediately that wasn’t at all pushing one company or product.

five stars


Great way to purchase life insurance!

Quotacy is THE way to buy life insurance. Through one request for quote got the best deal and great customer service. Would recommend Quotacy to everyone for your life insurance needs.

five stars


Quick and easy

From the beginning to the end of getting my policy I received important updates and status of where my application was. If I had a question I was given a timeline of when I can hear back. I heard back no more than 24 hours.

five stars


Best representatives

Quotacy has done a great job from start to finish in getting my insurance policy set up. They have the easy to use website and great representative.

five stars


Easy as 1, 2, 3

I give Quotacy the highest rating because of how incredibly easy it was to go through the entire process. They were in frequent contact and the communication was concise and made me feel like they were taking care of everything at every step. So far, so good. I have zero complaints. It has been as easy as 1, 2, 3. Thank you very much for your efforts.

five stars


Wonderful experience with Quotacy

Thanks to the staff at Quotacy the process of buying life insurance was very positive and painless. From initial contact with the team to the day my policy became active everything was seamless. The communication from my agent was exceptional. He guided me through the process every step of the way and made sure I got the best policy at the best price. I would definitely recommend the Quotacy team!

five stars


Highly recommend

Renee and Brandon at Quotacy were highly responsive, and had excellent communication and follow-up. They answered all my questions and facilitated everything from start to finish. When I got too busy with other things to focus on finalizing my life insurance paperwork, they followed-up on important milestones without being overly pushy. I also have peace-of-mind knowing that I shopped around to get the best price without actually having to do the legwork myself. Overall, I think the process was as smooth as possible with their help, and I’d definitely recommend Quotacy to others.

five stars


Best price with great customer service

Quotacy got me the best price for my life insurance with a major company and stepped me through the process the whole way. They were very quick and thorough when responding to my inquiries. I would highly recommend using Quotacy!

five stars


Fast and efficient service

From initial quote, to medical exam, to the final paper work, Quotacy provided fast and efficient service. They walked me through the life insurance application process and kept me well-informed through the entire process.

five stars


Very smooth process

I found the process of applying for a life insurance policy through Quotacy to be very smooth with excellent communication throughout. What drew me to the site was the ease of policy cost comparison between the insurers based on a simplified questionnaire. From that point, there were frequent and personalized email updates keeping me informed every step of the way, which led to a policy customized for my needs. I recommend Quotacy for anyone shopping for life insurance.

five stars


Amazing agent

My agent Jason was phenomenal. I had many questions about purchasing life insurance—which is a somewhat overwhelming decision because you obviously want to purchase what’s right for you. My agent was exceptional at answering questions and giving me as much detail as possible regarding everything. In a world full of many agencies, I can say I am happy with the one I chose. Thank you so much.

five stars


A pain-free experience

I read some reviews about various insurance quote sites, and I decided to try Quotacy. I found the process extremely easy, and the web application was smooth and polished (kudos to the design and dev team!). I think the highlight of the entire process, however, was having real people communicate with me via email. The emails weren’t “template emails” but real correspondence with me during the entire process, and my rep kept me in the loop from start to finish. I don’t know how other sites do because I haven’t tried them, but I am very impressed with Quotacy.

five stars

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