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How to Find Out if Someone Has a Life Insurance Policy

Sometimes family members are not even aware that a deceased loved one owned life insurance. It’s important to talk with your loved ones about life insurance so they know what to do when you pass away. If you’re unsure if your loved one owned life insurance, we share some ways in which you can find out.

Life Insurance and Insurable Interest

Life insurance companies have three obstacles in place to ensure life insurance policies are purchased with good intentions: insurable interest, a suicide clause, and financial justification. In this blog post, we explain these three aspects of buying life insurance.

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Dental Health and Your Life Expectancy

It turns out that keeping your teeth clean can have several health benefits throughout your body. In this blog, we walk through the lesser-known perks of keeping your pearly whites perfect.

January: Radon Awareness Month

This January, we wanted to talk about the long-term health impact of the world’s most common invisible, undetectable radioactive gas, and what you can do to protect your family.


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Q from Quotacy

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We Got You a Present – Dec. 2017

In this holiday edition of Q from Quotacy, we discuss holiday money tips, a solution for back pain, and the best ways to keep your pets away from dangerous (to them) holiday decorations.


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