Your health plays a big role in determining the cost of a life insurance policy.  When you apply, life insurance companies require you to complete a medical exam.  A trained medical technician will come where it’s convenient, like your home or workplace, and the exam should only take 20-30 minutes.  The more prepared and informed you are, the easier your exam will be and the better your results.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Fast 6-8 hours prior to your exam. Not fasting runs the risk of elevated blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Don’t smoke or drink coffee at least one hour prior. Nicotine and caffeine will elevate your blood pressure
  • Avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages at least 8 hours prior. Alcohol is high in calories and sugar which elevates blood pressure
  • Try to avoid overly salty and sugary foods 24 hours prior. High amounts of salt and sugar elevate blood pressure
  • Drink a lot of water the day leading up to and a couple hours prior to your exam. The water will flush out your system and make it easier for the examiner to draw blood
  • Avoid strenuous cardio the night before and the day of your exam. Exercise raises your blood pressure and pulse readings
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Your blood pressure will be lower if you are well-rested and it also helps offset anxiety and fear.
The exam includes:

  • Weight and height measurement
  • Pulse and blood pressure check
  • Urine sample
  • Blood sample

The examiner will also ask about your medical history and your family’s medical history.  Be sure to let the examiner know if you are on any medications.  Depending on your age, an electrocardiogram (EKG) test may be required.

If you are anxious about what may happen during the exam, talk to your examiner and explain your concerns.  They may note your fears in your file and should your nervousness lead to unusually high blood pressure results these notes may be taken into consideration by the insurance company and underwriter.

Being informed and prepared will make the exam easier and ensure you get the best results possible.  Don’t wait to apply for life insurance either because the older you get, the more expensive the premium payments will be and the longer your loved ones go unprotected.

No one ever anticipates needing to use life insurance, but the unexpected happens.  Be prepared and get a quote today.  Quotacy is the easiest place for you to get instant term life insurance quotes without having to give up any personal contact information.


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