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Getting Sick During Your Life Insurance Application

December 14, 2016
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It always happens at the worst time – you have an important project to finish at work, or you’re presenting at a meeting, or family is visiting from out of town – and you end up getting sick. It’s always inconvenient, and it always gives you a lot more trouble than you think it will initially.

But what happens if you wake up with a nasty cough while you apply for insurance? Is a case of the common cold going to raise your prices or make you miss a deadline?

What Happens When You Get Sick During Your Application

Luckily, when you apply online through Quotacy, we do everything we can to make your application as easy and low-stress as possible. Unlike applying in person with an agent, we let you work on your application at your own pace via email or by phone, and we’re always available to pick things back up when you’re rested and well enough to move forward. If you don’t want to deal with your insurance application while you’re sick, you don’t need to.

When we do give you deadlines, they’re easy to deal with at home from the comfort of your computer. Typically, we only give our clients time limits when we deliver your policy to you for your final review, but those are really lenient. When your policy is printed and sent to you, insurance carriers give you around a month to return the documents they need to finalize your policy. Even better, if you tell your agent you need more time, they can normally ask the carrier to extend that deadline out a week or two to give you time to rest up and look everything over when you’re well again.

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The only situation where you’ll really have to worry about being sick during our application process is if you wake up with the sniffles on the day you’re scheduled to complete your physical exam. Since a lot of factors in setting your risk class and price are related to how healthy you are during your exam, it’s important to be in tip-top shape when you meet with your examiner.

For example, any illness has the possibility to raise your blood pressure, since your body works harder than normal while trying to fight it off. Also, the active ingredients in some common cold and flu medications like Sudafed and Advil can raise blood pressure slightly as a side effect. Blood pressure is one of the key numbers that factor into your risk class and prices, so holding off on your exam until you’re better can help you make sure that your prices are right where they’re supposed to be.

Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to reschedule your exam, and won’t give you any extra costs to deal with later, since insurance carriers pay for your exam in most cases. When you initially schedule your exam appointment over the phone, you can call that number again to get in touch with your examiner directly and tell them that you’ll need to reschedule. It’s that easy!

Long story short, we do everything we can to help you out if you get sick during your application – short of bringing you some chicken noodle soup. If you’re on top of things throughout the process, coming down with a common illness won’t affect your final policy. A little planning, a quick email, and maybe a phone call or two can let you get the rest you need so you can come back to your application healthy and ready to go!


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