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Manifestation refers to attracting things you want into your life by deliberately setting out intentions that make that happen. This is a wellness technique that has been popular since the early 2000s, however, manifestation has been in practice since ancient times. What is manifesting?

Take the ancient Greeks, for example, who believed that their gods could manifest anything they wanted into reality. How manifestation is viewed today is slightly more evolved with people believing that they themselves can manifest anything they want into reality.

If you’ve been looking for a way to invite amazing changes and blessings into your life, then manifestation could be exactly what you need.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation refers to actively inviting what you want into your life, using the ”law of attraction”. This law of attraction has already been popularized in the popular self-help book, The Secret.

The author talks about how you can attract what you want in life by thinking positive thoughts and channeling your energy towards it.

With more and more people using manifestation to bring about amazing changes in their life, how can you do it? There are several ways to manifest, from writing in a journal to creating a vision board.

There are several ways you can manifest, but the technique(s) that suits you best will depend on what your goals are and what you’re most comfortable with.

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The Benefits of Manifesting

When you start to manifest what you want in your life, you gain control over your life. Manifestation is a skill that arms you with everything you need to live the life you always wanted. When you manifest regularly, you:

Welcome Abundance

From money to self-confidence, you can manifest anything you want into your life.

Feel Happier

When you’re more in control of your life and you get to experience everything you want in it, you tend to feel happier as well. You can manifest peace, contentment, and happiness into your life as well.

Feel Proactive

Manifestation is a proactive process. You need to put time and energy into what you want to manifest in order for it to transcend to reality. You’ll find yourself thinking about what you want in life and then manifesting the same.

How can you manifest?

Learning how to manifest sounds easier than it really is. Ultimately, you’ll need to commit to what you want to manifest, in order for it to become real.

You’ll need to understand what you want, and then set out the intention for the same. You’ll also need to keep faith that the Universe will turn your manifestations into reality.

There are several ways you can manifest, but the technique(s) that suits you best will depend on what your goals are and what you’re most comfortable with. Here are the several ways you can manifest in your life:

1. Create a Vision Board

A vision board may sound too easy, but they’re surprisingly effective. Use any board you can hang up and then, start adding pictures and details of things that you want to manifest into your life. You want to live in a better apartment? Add a picture of your ideal apartment to your vision board.

You want to manifest an ideal body weight? Then add a picture of your ideal body type to the board. You can do this for everything, from money to clothes, and more.

The key is to keep your vision board in a place where you’ll be able to see it often. You need to look at your vision board often to reinforce your intention before the Universe. With time, you’ll find that everything you’d set out on your vision board has manifested into reality.

2. Try Scripting

Scripting refers to writing down events in your life, as if they had already happened.

Simply take a notebook or a journal and start writing down the events that you want to happen in your life. If you wanted to earn more money, as an example, write down that you’re already earning what you want to earn.

Then, write down that you’re grateful to the Universe for turning your manifestations into reality. Consider doing this every day until you start to see your manifestations coming to life.

3. Listen to Subliminals

Another way to manifest is by listening to subliminals that match the frequency of what you’re trying to manifest. Money subliminals, for example, will play at a certain frequency, where it attracts more money into your life.

Sometimes, subliminals come with hidden words that are meant to reinforce what you’re trying to manifest, in your subconscious mind. So if you were trying to manifest more money, the subliminal would say that you were already rich.

It could also say that you were making a lot of money, and so on. You can always turn on some subliminal music while you’re doing other work, making this method perfect for multi-taskers as well.

4. Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations have the ability to raise your vibration and can help you to manifest prosperity and abundance into your life.

You can use positive affirmations the same way you listen to subliminal videos. Simply turn on an audio recording while you’re doing other work.

Alternatively, you can actively create the positive affirmations you want to manifest. Make a list of the affirmations you want and then read them out a few times a day.

5. Use Meditation

Meditating on what you want to manifest is also a way to invite that energy into your life. Consider meditating on what you want and bring your focus on to what you’re trying to manifest.

Spending even ten minutes in a day meditating and focusing on your desired manifestations can help you bring them into reality.


There are several manifestation techniques you can use to create the reality you want. Use these tips to manifest all your dreams into reality.

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