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Self-discipline is an important, learned skill that can empower you to achieve success and experience happiness in life. People are not born with the ability to control themselves, but learn the art of self-discipline as they age.

Many people struggle with controlling themselves and this has led to research on why self-discipline is so hard. If mastering the art of self-discipline is something that you want, then you’ll need to commit to yourself and the goals you set.

To take control of your path to success, here’s a helpful guide with 10 ways you can practice self-discipline.

What Is Self-Discipline?

Self-discipline is the ability a person has to regulate their behavior, their thoughts, as well as their emotions. It’s through self-discipline that people can go about achieving the long-term goals they’ve set for themselves.

To be self-disciplined, a person must consistently showcase the ability to control their actions, and while it can be difficult to master, the rewards it brings are great.

You’ll be able to both set goals for yourself and reach them. You can find yourself enjoying more success in life and, through this success, you can find more happiness as well.

As you learn to control your thoughts and actions, you can shape your life into anything you want it to be. For this reason, self-discipline is crucial to experiencing success in life.

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The Benefits of Being Self-Disciplined

When you’re self-disciplined,

You’re More Likely to Achieve Your Goals

You can motivate yourself when you need to, and keep working on the goals you’ve set for yourself. This can help you to showcase the commitment and dedication you need to reach your goals.

You Tend to Feel Happier

You’ll feel happier and less anxious as you complete the tasks that you have ahead of you. As you reach your goals and find success in life, this can also contribute towards your feelings of success.

You Become More Resilient

The more you practice self-discipline, the more your ability to resist temptation increases. You learn how to control your thoughts, your actions, as well as your response to the world around you.

10 Ways You Can Practice Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is an important life skill that can reward you with success, prosperity, and abundance. However, you’ll need to be patient with yourself through the journey.

Self-discipline is a continuous process that you need to keep doing. It gets easier with time and as self-discipline becomes a habit, you’ll find yourself experiencing more success.

1. Set Realistic Goals

When you’re starting out on your self-discipline journey, consider setting attainable goals for yourself that you’ll need to achieve. This can help you to focus on what you need to do to start practicing self-discipline every day. An example of this could be to go on a 30-minute walk every day for a week.

2. Leave Your Goals Where You Can See Them

Create a list of your goals and leave them in an area where you can easily see them. You’ll always be reminded of your goals and are less likely to procrastinate.

3. Listen to Affirmations

Positive affirmations can play a key motivating role in your journey of mastering self-discipline. You can also practice positive self-talk  anytime you feel as if your motivation is waning.

4. Tell Your Friends and Family

Having a group of people support you can be of great help. Should you fail at reaching a certain goal or find yourself unmotivated for any reason, then your friends and family can step in to inspire you. You’re also more likely to pursue self-discipline if you’ve told the people you care about that you’re going to.

5. Set Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Short-term goals can enable you to practice self-discipline in your every day life. To ensure that you reach your long-term goals as well, consider breaking them down into shorter goals that you can monitor and track. This can help you to stay motivated as you work on long-term goals.

6. Remove Temptations

It’s a lot harder to practice self-discipline right off the bat if you’re exposed to the things you’re trying to avoid. If you wanted to eat healthy, then having junk food around leaves you open to temptation. Remove anything you consider as a temptation, especially earlier on in your self-discipline journey.

7. Have an Execution Plan

Create a plan that details how you’ll go about becoming more self-disciplined. Set out your inspiration for pursuing this journey and list out everything you’re going to do to practice self-discipline.

8. Practice Daily Diligence

Self-discipline is a skill that you’ll actively have to practice every day. Even if it’s just a few chores or a new habit that you’ve added to your routine, do it with diligence each day.

9. Forgive and Learn

Even if you come across moments where you succumb to temptation or fail to reach a goal, take these as learning moments. Be patient with yourself and understand that self-discipline is a lifelong process, and you can always learn from any mistake you make.

10. Create New Habits and Routines

As you replace old habits with new ones, self-discipline will become easier for you to grasp. Start with a few new habits you can add to your day, such as not hitting the snooze button on your morning alarm. Over time, add newer habits as you progress to a more self-disciplined lifestyle.


Self-discipline is a learned skill that can allow you to make the most of your life. You’ll be able to achieve your goals, do what you want to do, and resist temptation. Use these tips to start practicing self-discipline in your life.

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