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When you apply for life insurance, you may need to get a medical exam. (This exam is free and the examiner comes to you at a time that is convenient.) Life insurance underwriters review the exam results to get an idea of how healthy you are.

This exam includes a blood test. Part of testing the blood is conducting a liver panel. A liver panel (a.k.a. a liver function test) is most often used to:

  • Help diagnose liver diseases, such as hepatitis
  • Monitor treatment of liver disease
  • Check how badly a liver has been damaged or scarred by disease, such as cirrhosis
  • Monitor side effects of certain medicines

Elevated liver enzymes and poor liver function can be a sign of serious medical issues and therefore will affect how much you pay for life insurance. The higher your mortality risk, the higher your life insurance premiums. In severe cases, you may be declined for life insurance.

Even if you have unhealthy habits, it’s not too late to make some changes to improve your health and lock in affordable life insurance rates. Some of the most common reasons behind liver disease are obesity, alcohol abuse, and hepatitis B and C. So, in many cases, liver disease is preventable.

It’s important to take care of your liver. The Liver Foundation shares 13 ways to achieve liver wellness:

  1. Maintain a healthy weight
  2. Eat a balanced diet
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Avoid direct contact with toxins (i.e. harsh cleaning products, insecticides)
  5. Use alcohol responsibly
  6. Avoid use of illicit drugs
  7. Avoid contaminated needles
  8. Get medical care if you come into contact with someone else’s blood
  9. Don’t share personal hygiene items (i.e. nail clippers, razors, toothbrushes)
  10. Practice safe sex
  11. Wash your hands
  12. Follow directions on all medications
  13. Get vaccinated for hepatitis A and B

We have in-depth articles about how alcohol use affects your life insurance rates here:

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If you’re unsure about how your specific alcohol use may be affecting your liver, and therefore your life insurance rates, those articles shed light.

We also have an in-depth article about how hepatitis affects your life insurance rates here:

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If your liver isn’t in ideal shape, working with Quotacy is ideal.

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