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Updated September 11, 2018

If you’re taking steps to quit smoking, then you’re taking steps to impact your long-term health. Don’t forget about your life insurance premium. Some people may not realize that smoking cessation products can be used to lower a life insurance premium. If your life insurance premium is higher because you’re a smoker, then it only makes sense that taking steps to quit can lower your premium.

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Quitting a smoking habit has endless benefits. It helps to increase both your lifespan and your wallet. To quit smoking you need strong will power and sometimes the help of products whether those are gum, lozenges, patches, or e-cigarettes. These products all contain nicotine and are used to wean your body off cigarettes while supplying you with the nicotine but sparing you from the other chemicals found in tobacco.

Since there is nicotine in these products, some life insurance companies will still classify you as a smoker when determining what your life insurance premium should be even if you don’t actually smoke. The use of these products will cause cotinine to show up in your urine test which would be enough for the carrier to classify you in one of the tobacco risk classes and issue you smoker rates.

Non-Tobacco Risk Classes
Preferred Plus
Standard Plus


Tobacco Risk Classes
Preferred Tobacco
Standard Tobacco

If you’re a user of smoking cessation products, have no fear! Some insurance companies will consider you for the non-tobacco risk classes when calculating your life insurance premium and therefore give you non-smoker pricing. To be offered non-smoker rates, you have to be cigarette-free for at least 12 months.

Let’s say you have been using a cessation gum to quit smoking, but you have only been cigarette-free for five months. Even though you currently do not smoke, you will still get the smoker rate because it has not yet been at least 12 months. However, if you have been cigarette-free for at least a year but still, for example, chew nicotine gum daily there are insurance carriers who will offer you non-smoker pricing.

Insurance carriers rate certain tobacco/nicotine uses differently. While one company may give non-smoker rates to gum and e-cigarettes, another company may only give non-smoker rates to gum.

We asked 20 life insurance carriers if they would consider giving a non-tobacco risk class to an applicant who uses nicotine gum and four carriers said they would consider it. Of these carriers, three said they would consider giving a non-tobacco risk class to e-cigarette users.

These examples explain why it is very beneficial for you to work with an independent life insurance agency, like Quotacy, who has contracts with multiple carriers.

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These examples explain why it is very beneficial for you to work with an independent life insurance agency, like Quotacy, who has contracts with multiple carriers. It also shows how important it is for you to be detailed about your tobacco and nicotine product use on your life insurance application. If we have all the correct information we are able to go to the appropriate life insurance carrier to ensure you get the best policy for your individual situation.

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You can still protect your loved ones with life insurance even if you use smoking cessation products, and what’s better is that you can possibly get great non-smoker rates. No one ever anticipates needing to use life insurance, but the unexpected happens. Be prepared and get free and anonymous term life insurance quotes today.


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