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Most people imagine a financial advisor as some hotshot expert on money matters, including investments that only help the Fortune 500 prosper.

The truth is that a financial advisor is not just for millionaires and big companies. They can do wonders with their expertise for people of all financial situations and can help you with all kinds of short-term and long-term goals.

Having the close support of a financial advisor can transform the way you save, spend, and invest. If you currently don’t save, invest or have a financial plan, all the more reason to learn about what a financial advisor can do for you.

Here are some tasks or jobs that a financial advisor does:

A financial advisor would recommend ways to eliminate debts and financial risks, along with strategies to create wealth over the long term. They recommend/create a blueprint to tread on to attain your financial goals.

Financial advisors are not all one and the same. They differ widely in their expertise. They have different degrees and certifications. Their backgrounds are different, and they offer a wide range of services.

Financial advisors, just like doctors, have diverse specializations. Nevertheless, they perform a common task of advising you on financial health.

In the course of your financial journey, you may come across terms like financial planners, wealth managers, tax professionals, investment professionals, and financial counselors or coaches.

Each of them with different levels of specialization helps you reach your financial goals. Here are some things they would help you out with.


There are financial advisors who are also investment professionals. They can help you figure out the right investment opportunities for mutual funds and would let you know the ones that are right for you. They will help you manage these funds and make the best out of your investments. Their advice comes from their expertise and experience.

Tax planning

You may not like taxes. No one likes them. Your financial advisor or tax advisor will recommend ways to turn taxes into saving opportunities. They can also help you access the most tax breaks available to you. In other words, their recommendations will minimize your tax burdens through tax-saving opportunities.


When you receive a substantial inheritance, you might feel overwhelmed by deciding the tax implications and the best way to invest your funds. A financial advisor can tackle hard questions like tax implications. They can also recommend practical ways to deal with your inheritance wealth.


Your dreams do not end with your retirement. You may need to have a continuous flow of income to lead a happy post-retirement life. In addition, you may have post-retirement plans to start a company, travel abroad to your dream destinations, and do several other things.

The intervention of your financial advisor will ensure you not only live your dreams but do not also fall short of wealth to lead a dignified life.

Estate planning

Whether you own small or big real estate, you need to manage your wealth wisely. You need to know when the best time to buy and when to sell. You also need to ensure you’re not burdened by debts.

Since estate planning can be mind-boggling and stressful, you need the intervention of a financial advisor to give you peace of mind.

A financial advisor does several other things and helps you in several other ways than those discussed. They might help you with health and long-term care planning. Also, they can help you with debt management and your financial goals.

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Need a financial advisor?

Those that are in dire need a financial advisor may sometime be the ones that can’t afford them. Financial advisors are needed if you’re impoverished, indebted, or struggling in the middle class. However, if you are wealthy, you do not chase a financial advisor; they chase you. As a middle-class investor, what can you do, and where do you find your best financial advisor?

Here is a strong recommendation from experts: Stop thinking about the type of financial advisor you want—fee or commission based—at the beginning of the process. Focus on what you could be looking for.

Are you seeking help with retirement planning or investments or any advisor to help you with several questions? There are several advisors that charge separate fees or hourly fees for their advice, but there are many others that do not charge separately. Their fee is included in managing your investments.

Some places to find them

There are several places to find a financial advisor that meets your needs. Some are obvious, while others are not so expected.

Search engines

The amazing power of search engines can’t be ignored. In fact, you may have found this page through a search engine. Use search terms like “Financial advisor near me.”

Financial advisor/expert websites

The two most recommended websites are:

  • The Accredited Financial Counselor Website (at www.afcpe.org). This one is especially recommended for middle-income people.
  • The National Association of Personal Finance Advisors. This one generally lists those that cater to upper-income people, but who knows, someone of your interest might turn up here. Their website (www.napfa.org) lets you find someone near you.

The Garrett Planning Network

This website (Garrettplanningnetwork.com) has a US map where you can click on a state to find a financial advisor. They serve mostly the middle class.

Friends/family recommendation

The recommendations work best when some friends and family members in the same tax bracket as you recommend a financial advisor. You may likely, for this reason, find them more trustworthy.

Online advisory search

U.S. News and World Report have an online nationwide database of financial advisors. You may use the search tool there to find a financial advisor near your area.

The above information and tips are just a few of the many ways in which you can improve your financial future with the help of a financial advisor. Taking these measures early on will ensure that you are prepared for a comfortable life after your professional career ends.


This article is for general educational purposes only and is not written by a financial advisor.

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