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Legacy means different things to different people. Think of legacy as a gift, something that is bestowed or handed down from one generation to the next.

For some, it’s the amount of money, while for others, it’s the collection of movable and immovable assets that he or she leave behind for his or her heirs.

However, in reality, leaving a legacy is not just about money or material possessions. It’s about being truly grounded in making a memorable, long-lasting contribution to your loved ones, society and humanity.

People always wish to leave behind a legacy so that they are remembered after they are gone. The whole idea of leaving a legacy gives a sense of purpose and meaning. It gives you a feeling that your life mattered.

To help you build the legacy you want to leave behind, here are some useful tips to inspire you.

1. Know what matters to you the most

Believe it or not, leaving a legacy is just like running a successful venture; you need to plan your moves carefully to get where you want to get. As somebody who’s walking through the mundane scenarios of life, it may look difficult to know who you exactly are and what you stand for.

To leave behind a legacy, you need to know your values. Your values will dictate your life’s purpose and how you should lead a happy, more fulfilling life. If it’s your value to bring about transformation or inspire others, then you can touch many lives and create a legacy that lives on forever.

2. Write a book

None of us have met William Shakespeare, but we have all read his plays and poems despite living centuries after his era. That’s the kind of literary legacy he has left behind. You, too, could write something—a book, a heart-melting poem or a collection of short stories—to leave behind a legacy.

When you are penning a book, you should keep in mind your objective to serve. Write something that creates meaning in your readers’ lives. Share your knowledge of something unique through your book. That’s how the world will remember you – as a pioneer of a new perspective – which becomes your legacy.

3. Support a valuable cause

History has it that most of the famous personalities that once walked this planet were associated with some cause or another. These causes either sought to bring about equality or revolutionize society in some meaningful way.

Even a cause like running a tree farm or contributing towards the uplift of the underprivileged societal sections can make a huge difference. These causes help you make a name for yourself.

Your contribution towards a valuable cause can leave you with a legacy of fame, nobility, and reverence, all the while serving a purpose greater than yourself.

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4. Become a mentor

Legacy is not just material wealth but also knowledge. They say that knowledge is the biggest weapon humankind can have. It’s a gift that should be treasured because it can take us miles. If you wish to leave behind a legacy, then you can do so by imparting the knowledge and skills by being a mentor to somebody.

There are many less experienced people who are looking for direction in life. You, as a mentor, can offer that guidance and make a difference in their lives.

The social and psychological support that a mentor-mentee relationship involves is valuable—something that results in personal development and satisfaction lasting a lifetime.

5. Become an educator

Besides being a mentor, you can create a legacy by stepping into the field of education. Indeed, education is best imparted in school, college, and university settings, but the world is changing by leaps and bounds. Thanks to the internet, sharing knowledge has become unimaginably easier.

Whether it’s creating a comprehensive online training program or entertaining and educational TikTok videos, find the platform that best suits your subject and skillset. Through your teachings, you can help people get a different perspective and learn tricks that you’ve picked up along the way.

This way, you can leave behind an educational legacy that the next generation will always remember.

6. Become a philanthropist

Personalities like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs have made a prominent mark for themselves not just by coming up with remarkable innovations, but also by being altruistic givers. The companies they have established make billions a year, but they also ensure that a part of it goes toward philanthropic causes.

Leaving behind a philanthropic legacy will require you to do something that will create the biggest impact on people’s lives. You should try fulfilling a need that may face the next generation. If you can create or contribute something meaningful with your philanthropic efforts, then this world will remember you for years to come.

7. Focus on the upbringing of your children

If you’ve been lucky enough to bring life into this world or plan to, you should know that your children and the impact they have on the world can be a part of your legacy. You may or may not live to see your children do great things, but the world will know you as the parent of that great child.

So, the way you raise your children has a great impact on how your legacy lives on. Teach your children about the ways in which they can change societal issues, and emulate virtues like kindness, selflessness, compassion, and mutual respect.

Protecting Your Legacy

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