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It’s no surprise that summer is the best time to spruce up your home, especially in places that have faced the wrath of freezing winter months. The weather is warm, and the motivation to get outside and soak up some sun while adding value to your home is at an all-time high. Let’s chat today about a few, easy DIY projects.

If you wish to sell your house at a premium or simply enjoy a pleasant new upgrade, this is the time to undertake some house projects. After all, every homeowner aims to increase the equity of their property to make a profit.

Looking to take up a home improvement project that you can tackle yourself? Here are some ways in which you can give your house a facelift and increase resell value.

Boost the curb appeal

The curb area is the first thing prospective homebuyers notice when they come to see your property. Broken driveways, untrimmed hedges, and unpainted walls can be a huge turn off for them. So, you should up the appeal of this area during the summer months.

Plant new shrubs if the front is lacking vegetation. Evergreen or deciduous shrubs and bushes are your best bet for low maintenance all year round.

You can install a new driveway of stone pavers to create a positive impression. Bricked pathways will also lend a classic appeal to your curb area. You can splash a fresh coat of paint to make your home look new or rent a power washer to clean up the siding for an easy DIY.

Change your light fixtures

The lights you install in your home has a huge impact on the vibe it sends out. Prospective homebuyers often look for something warm and welcoming. If your house is more than a decade old, then it will most likely feature old-fashioned fixtures, which can be an easy fix.

You can consider replacing them with new, sleek fixtures in line with your home’s design. This will make it look both polished and personal.

Upgrade your kitchen

One good way to increase the equity of your house is to have a well-designed, well-equipped kitchen. Old-style homes usually feature dull kitchen tiles—not something today’s style-conscious homebuyers seek. Liven up your kitchen can be as easy as replacing or installing a backsplash.

For DIY, you can go for white tiles that lend a good degree of brightness to your space. Also consider upgrading your old cabinets with a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware.

Go for wooden floors

Older homes tend to have wall-to-wall carpeted floors. These styles have become a thing of the past for contemporary homebuyers. Carpeted floors are breeding places for mites—something that can cause severe allergic reactions in some people.

So, the next best option here would be hardwood floors. These are durable materials to up the appeal of your home’s flooring. You should particularly consider getting reclaimed hardwood flooring materials because they will surely increase the equity of your home. However, there are a number of affordable options like laminate that will give it the same look.

Paper up your walls

If you want to add some serious style, wallpaper might be a great way to go. You don’t need to do every room or even every wall. Depending on the style of the home and layout, having just one wall with a unique pattern could be enough to make a statement.

If you are unsure about this project, you can start with a small space in your home and DIY. This can be your laundry room, closet interiors, or any other space that’s not in the forefront. There’s an array of printed wallpapers in the marketplace. You choose a pattern and color that suits your taste.

Make your home energy efficient

This is the era where you really have to think about energy conservation and big savings on utility bills. Today’s homebuyers, especially the eco-conscious ones, look for a place with energy-efficient lighting fixtures and appliances.

Whether it’s a refrigerator or a central heating system, old appliances can be a major drain on people’s finances. So, it would help if you went for energy-efficient, star-rated electrical appliances. Also, an energy-efficient house has a better chance of getting sold at a premium price.

Transform your home with landscaping

Just like your curb area, the overall landscape of your house certainly has an impact on its resell value. Nothing would appeal to potential homebuyers more than a well-kept lawn and well-trimmed hedged surrounding.

Don’t forget to weed the front and back yards. Lay down grass seed in any bare spots. When the outside is welcoming and shows the potential for enjoyment, it will pique homebuyers’ interest before even entering the house.

Upgrade your basement

Depending on the state of your basement and your budget, doing what you can to make it less of a basement will help you. Whether or not it scores major equity points, having a basement that doesn’t creep out or disgust potential buyers should be on the top of your to-do list.

If you don’t have the time or money to make it a perfect living space, that’s okay, DIY is typically that way. Some drywall, a fresh coat of paint, and some storage shelves will go a long way. Just getting rid of the mice, bugs and spiderwebs can make a huge difference.


You have plenty of options for summer home improvement projects that increase your home’s value with a little DIY. If you intend to remodel your home, focus on smaller projects that improve the appeal of your space first. After that, install energy-efficient fixtures and make small upgrades to add comfort and character.

Every home’s project list is different, so priorities will need be adjusted accordingly. What’s important is to keep your loved ones happy and not inconvenience them and yourselves too much.

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