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The season of New Year’s resolutions is fast approaching. After a year of totally new and unusual experiences, we are definitely looking forward to 2021 with lots of hope.

How are you going to be different in 2021? How can you cultivate strong positive habits that help you become the best version of yourself? Many times, people make lofty New Year resolutions and often struggle to stick to them. Don’t worry. It’s a very natural and common occurrence.

The solution is to improve the processes for achieving your goals rather than blaming them. Slow and steady wins the race! This good old proverb may be the strategy you need to excel in 2021.

This year, make your New Year’s resolutions happen by following these tips.

Redefining Yourself, One Step at a Time

2021 is going to be an interesting year. This is the first thing you should tell yourself. The key to achieving your personal goals is the formation of daily habits.

Whether shedding a few pounds or learning a new language, daily habits will help you achieve your goals. However, many people find it difficult to stick to these habits.

Research shows that if done consistently over a set period of time that it will help you adopt that habit. You should set goals for 2021 and then carefully work towards creating habits that can help you achieve them. These are the few tips to set your goals for the coming year.

Rewind 2020

It’s always better to start with a quick rewind of last year. This will help you identify the key areas in which you need improvement. It’s completely okay to have failed in certain aspects. But always think about the positive aspect of building those new habits in the coming year.

Define Your Broad Goals

Simply ask yourself three questions.

  1. What are the key improvements I need in my life?
  2. How can I be a better person?
  3. What are the main things I value in life?

Answering these questions will help you to come up with a lot of aspects that you value. Write as many points as possible.

Prioritize and Separate Your Goals

You may have more than 40-50 goals after the above-mentioned exercise. But don’t get carried away. Pick 5-10 of the most important goals from that list. Now you can separate them into sections such as mind, body, and diet.

Write Down Habits Required to Achieve Your Goals

Remember, smart goals are always measurable. You should clearly define what you want to achieve through this goal. A well-defined measurement will help you track your progress and reach the goal.

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New Year Resolutions for Your Mind and Body

A perfect balance of your mind and body is going to make you shine through the next year. With proper planning, you can achieve this balance. Make sure to set goals before the New Year and believe that this time your resolutions are going to be fulfilled.

Check out this set of goals to help you with self-improvement in 2021.

Goals for Mind

The mind is the most critical part of human beings. It controls all your actions, and your success depends on how far you can focus your mind. The major resolutions for the mind are:

  • Digital Detox: Digital distraction is a major cause for dissatisfaction in many people. With multiple devices and content, you are losing focus on your tasks. In the coming year, make a resolution to take scheduled breaks from social media and general use of your smartphone.
  • Learn a New Language: Making the decision to learn a new language in 2021 has more benefits than just being bilingual. The process of learning a new language enhances brain activity and strengthens critical thinking, memory, and communication.
  • Meditation: Simply sitting in silence and observing your breath is enough to calm down your entire mind and body. In the initial stages, it may seem a bit difficult to sit idle for some time. But with consistent practice, you can achieve concentration very easily.

Goals for Body

Your body deserves your attention. Keeping your body in good shape boosts your confidence and increases your energy levels. This is a very important aspect for your overall health. These are some very interesting goals for the well-being of your body.

  • Yoga: Yoga combines stretching, breathing, exercise, and relaxation. Doing regular yoga poses helps with proper blood circulation and rejuvenates the body. You can sign up for an online yoga class and start with very basic practices.
  • Brisk Walking: Walking is often an underrated exercise. It’s the easiest exercise that doesn’t require any equipment or a trainer. Brisk walking is a good alternative to running as the latter can cause some injuries and may be harder to form as a habit.
  • Cold Showers: Taking cold showers in the morning will invigorate your body. It maintains the blood flow and keeps you fresh throughout the day. Apart from keeping you clean, it’s a very healthy practice that can be part of your daily morning routine.

You are what you eat. This old saying is relevant even today. You should keep an eye on your food intake for a healthy body. To avoid weight gain and chronic diseases, make sure that you follow a healthy diet. Our recommendations for diet goals are:

  • Fresh Food: Always try to eat fresh food. You should include a lot of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet. This would provide all essential nutrients and helps in proper digestion.
  • Reduce Sugar Intake: Excess sugar is a major reason for chronic diseases. Most of the canned and processed foods contain sugar. You can meet your daily sugar requirements from natural fruits. Reducing your sugar intake will help transform your body and aid weight reduction.
  • Drink plenty of water: Water is the major component of the body. Rehydrating at regular intervals is very essential for a healthy body. It aids proper digestion and keep your energy levels high. Even though this may seem like a small resolution, it will have great effects on your health.

Make 2021 Your Year

Envision a healthy and more enjoyable way of life with smaller and more attainable New Year resolutions.

Setting goals that improve your health and wellness has a number of benefits. Even the smallest change can have a huge impact and when we improve ourselves in one area, it can create positive change in another.

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