The medical examination is often the most invasive part of a life insurance application. A urine test, a blood check, and several questions about your health and lifestyle might help the insurance company’s underwriters confirm the information you provide during your phone interview, but it’s never fun being stuck with a needle – even in your own home.

For most life insurance applications, the medical exam is mandatory, and unfortunately, it often provides more opportunities to slow insurance applications down.  At Quotacy, we’re always looking for ways to make applying for life insurance as simple as possible, and luckily, several of our carriers offer the ability for certain price ranges and age groups to bypass the exam process in favor of “Accelerated Underwriting” programs. While many of these programs are only open to people matching very specific criteria, the exam-free underwriting program offered by SBLI is simple, easy, and extremely reliable.

How It Works

SBLI’s exam-free underwriting process is available to any applicant 60 years of age or younger seeking policies with coverage amounts of $500,000 or less. The program is available in all states except for New York and Montana, due to state-level insurance regulations. Only your age, the face amount of your policy, and your location are factors in your eligibility to skip the exam.

Any Quotacy applicants that fit those criteria and apply for an SBLI policy are automatically placed into the exam-free program. Even if you’re assigned a higher risk class or table rated during your application, you won’t need to have an exam.

Not needing an exam dramatically cuts down on the amount of time that is required to approve and issue a policy – largely because scheduling a medical exam is often difficult for examiners and applicants with busy work lives. There’s also less paperwork involved, since every part of your application can either be completed online or by your agent behind the scenes.

Even though you don’t have to have a physical exam done to be approved for coverage, the final price of your policy will still be influenced by your health. A medical record check is still required for your application to be improved, and any medical conditions noted by your doctor will have an impact on your final price and eligibility for coverage, just like any other life insurance application.

How to Apply for No-Exam Coverage with SBLI

If you’re 60 or younger, applying for $500,000 or less in coverage, and in any state other than New York or Montana, you can sign up for SBLI’s accelerated underwriting program. Simply start a quote and look for SBLI on the list of carriers during the “Choose a Policy” step. All you have to do is select SBLI at that screen, and you’re off to the races.

For example, John Doe, a 29-year-old male from Washington, was looking for $200,000 in life insurance. He was quoted at best-class by SBLI and applied for coverage, which was priced at $18.62 per month, and qualified for exam-free underwriting.

John completed his phone interview very quickly, and his doctor was able to send the underwriters all of the relevant medical records electronically. Thanks to his speedy responses and his doctor’s efficiency, John was approved for coverage at his original price within a week of his initial application, which is extremely fast for a life insurance application.

Even if you’re moved into a higher risk class during your application process due to your phone interview or medical history, as long as you still fit the price, age, and location criteria, you won’t need an exam.

Jack Smith, a 42-year-old male from California, was looking for $500,000 in coverage. Jack applied through SBLI and was initially quoted for best-class rates at $25.54 per month. Jack also qualified for accelerated underwriting and an exam-free process.

While the underwriters on Jack’s case processed his medical and financial records, they discovered that he had a history of heavy alcohol use, which bumped him into the “Preferred Non-Nicotine” rate – one step down from best-class. Jack accepted the new offer at $33.15 per month, ending up with coverage within three weeks after his initial application.

By applying for life insurance through Quotacy, you’ll cut down on even more paperwork thanks to our online-focused process. You’ll also be matched up with a dedicated independent Quotacy agent who will keep you posted on any updates along the way, and answer any questions you have throughout the process.


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