SBLI Term Life Insurance

Company Review by Quotacy

Quotacy’s Review of SBLI

The Savings Bank Mutual Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts (SBLI) is excellent for those afraid of a blood draw during a physical exam, but underwriting typically averages 2 to 4 weeks longer.

SBLI is excellent for

  • Accelerated Underwriting
  • ADHD
  • Healthy Individuals
  • No Medical Exam

To stand out in a competitive industry, most insurers like SBLI focus on serving health or lifestyle niches.

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Benefits of choosing SBLI

  • Offers a 25-year term policy.
  • Can be converted into a permanent policy.
  • Includes Accelerated Death Benefit Rider at no charge.
  • Eligible applicants may not need a medical exam.*
  • Your medical exam can be done at home or work.
  • You can review your medical exam results online.
  • Policy delivered electronically.
  • You can manage your policy online.
  • SBLI partners with LegacyShield and offers customers complimentary subscriptions.

*If you’re under age 60 and applying with SBLI for $500,000 in coverage or less, a medical exam is not required. Not available in all states.

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How Does SBLI Compare?

Sample term life insurance quotes

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Company Male Female
Age 30 Age 40 Age 50 Age 60 Age 70 Age 30 Age 40 Age 50 Age 60 Age 70


$19.92 $29.92 $75.66 $219.30 $800.10 $17.27 $25.84 $58.01 $159.45 $629.41


$26.53 $37.65 $79.54 $230.88 N/A $22.26 $35.08 $70.99 $162.05 N/A

Banner Life

$19.74 $32.30 $72.76 $208.20 $800.01 $16.90 $25.11 $56.59 $151.06 $729.71

Haven Life

$22.48 $32.38 $84.06 $230.90 N/A $19.46 $28.07 $61.66 $156.84 N/A

John Hancock

$25.41 $30.41 $74.76 $210.21 N/A $22.91 $26.41 $64.51 $171.86 N/A

Lincoln Financial

$28.44 $38.94 $78.71 $213.02 $813.97 $23.45 $30.63 $59.37 $147.74 $584.81

Minnesota Life

$22.42 $31.18 $87.12 $235.40 N/A $18.48 $26.84 $62.04 $153.12 N/A

Pacific Life

$20.21 $30.58 $75.07 $208.21 N/A $17.54 $25.14 $57.12 $149.30 N/A


$21.43 $30.54 $75.16 $213.06 N/A $18.40 $25.81 $57.58 $147.79 N/A


$19.75 $29.06 $72.77 $201.44 N/A $17.33 $25.07 $55.23 $139.04 N/A


$33.25 $41.56 $83.56 $250.25 N/A $27.13 $37.63 $72.63 $171.06 N/A


$19.87 $31.30 $83.33 $274.74 N/A $17.05 $24.62 $60.41 $165.73 N/A

United of Omaha

$21.29 $32.90 $82.78 $249.19 N/A $18.28 $28.17 $61.71 $172.65 N/A

US Life

$20.76 $30.27 $76.55 $221.87 $924.25 $18.16 $27.24 $58.82 $161.32 $636.77

William Penn

$19.71 $32.30 $72.76 $208.20 $800.01 $16.90 $25.11 $56.59 $151.06 $729.71

Sample monthly premium quotes for a $500,000, 20-year term policy for healthy, non-smoking individuals living in Minnesota. Pricing varies by gender (except in Montana). Women pay less for life insurance than men because they live longer on average.

Your life insurance pricing may be different and is determined by your individual risk factors and the state where you have your primary residence. Pricing as of May 2019.

SBLI Policy Riders

Increase your policy’s benefits with riders

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider


This rider—also known as a Terminal Illness Rider—is included in your policy at no charge. It gives you access to a portion of your policy’s death benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness resulting in 12 months or less to live.

Accidental Death Benefit Rider

*Available at additional cost

Your policy’s beneficiary will receive an increased death benefit with this rider, if you die due to an accident. Cost varies by age and benefit amount.

Child Rider

*Available at additional cost

For as little as $60 per year, add a child rider that covers your children under age 18. Options range from $10,000 to $25,000 in coverage per child. Ask your Quotacy agent for details.

Premium Waiver for Disability

*Available at additional cost

SBLI will waive premium payments during a period of total disability lasting six consecutive months or more. The waived payments don’t have to be paid back. This rider is not available on all policies and cost varies by age.

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