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Learn more about Quotacy, who needs life insurance, and our philosophy on why we don’t require contact information for you to get a term life insurance quote.

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7 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From an Unlikely Source

Who you are as an organization can be something magical or it can be menacing, and it is top-down leadership that creates that culture… read more

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A Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing Life Insurance Online

If you’re interested in buying a million-dollar life-insurance policy online, a small but growing number of companies are ready to sell it to you, nearly right away…. read more.

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Saxophone, Cyborgs, Pizza and Pop

Quotacy isn’t your average insurtech player. First, it isn’t backed by some well known investor (by choice), second, it has its origin in insurance… read more

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Bringing Life Insurance Back

It’s time to bring life insurance back. So says Jeremy Hallett, co-founder of Quotacy.com, an online term life-insurance company. It’s … read more

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Albert brings CoverHound, Geico, Progressive and Quotacy under one roof

Albert, the financial app, partners with CoverHound on auto insurance, Geico and Progressive on renters insurance, and Quotacy on life insurance… read more

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5 Reasons This Startup Doesn’t Want Your Email Address

Jeremy Hallett, founder of online life insurance brokerage Quotacy, has a different perspective. In an industry often maligned for hard-… read more

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A Question of Premium: Is Life Insurance a Sound Investment?

Even if you want to bypass whole, don’t overlook life insurance as a whole; that’s the equivalent of flying without a financial safety … read more

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12 Money Adjustments You Should Be Making Now

We’re already more than halfway through another year — and already in the latter half of the decade (can you believe it!?) — which means… read more

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Shopping for Term Life Insurance?

Check out Quotacy (quotacy.com), which lets you look for a policy without having a salesperson breathing down your neck. The interface… read more

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Gay and Getting Hitched? Know What to Expect, Financially

With the Supreme Court giving its stamp of approval on gay marriage in June, same-sex couples who may not have given full thought to the … read more

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Millennials Who May Need Life Insurance Often Don’t Buy It – Here’s Why

“People think life insurance is two or three times more expensive than it actually is,” said Jeremy Hallett, CEO of Quotacy in … read more

Quotacy on Tasty Trade - Bootstrapping in America

Interview with Jeremy Hallett, Founder, Quotacy

Jeremy Hallett, founder of online life insurance agent Quotacy.com, speaks with the boys at TastyTrade’s Bootstrapping. read more


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Single and Childless? You May Still Need Life Insurance

Many people reasonably assume that if you’re single with no children and no one at home to support, you don’t need life insurance. Yet… read more

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What’s the Right Amount of Life Insurance?

Jeremy Hallett has a unique story. After selling used cars and traveling the world, he decided that life insurance was his passion…but … read more

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Investing Your Tax Refund Will Reap You Rewards For Your Retirement

Many people rely too heavily on insurance provided by employers, which will not last if you leave the job, said Jeremy Hallett, CEO of … read more
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5 Smart Financial Decisions for After You Buy a New Home

There is certainly no shortage of financial advice available to those who are thinking of buying a new home. Where to buy, how to get the… read more

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