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Real Life is a podcast about life, death, and expecting the unexpected. This podcast is our way to help people share their stories and get others thinking about protecting the people they care about.

Life insurance is for the living. You purchase a life insurance policy to protect the loved ones you leave behind when you die. Plan for the unexpected.

In episode five, Eric and Chuck talk to fellow Quotacy team members, Natasha and Jeanna. Both Natasha and Jeanna lost their fathers; however, their stories are quite different because one dad had life insurance and one did not.

Natasha and Jeanna discuss the emotional struggles of losing their dads, but also how their finances were affected.

Planning ahead for your loved ones and buying life insurance is important. Both fathers in this episode’s stories loved to live life to the fullest and live for the moment, but you’ll hear how taking time to plan ahead can make a difference.

Do you have anyone relying on you? If you died tomorrow, would people you love become financially burdened? Don’t put off buying life insurance. You never know what life may bring.

If you do have life insurance, talk with your family about it. Your loved ones will appreciate that you’ve planned ahead for them.

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Quotacy is the country’s leading broker for buying life insurance online. We are obsessed with making it easy for everyone who has loved ones who depend upon them to have life insurance.