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Let’s talk financial literacy. A quick pop quiz for you romantics out there. Which one is sexy? A or B?

a) Driveways just got sexy.

b) Life insurance just got sexy.

If you chose the sexy driveway, you’re correct, if you believe in the power of advertising to make anything sexy.

Slogan A is on giant billboards in Minneapolis. Some concrete company is spending an impressive chunk of change on outdoor advertising thinking that fresh blacktop will make hearts quiver. My coworkers and I have been chuckling about it around our office.

We decided that if Charlie Hunnam, Alexander Skarsgård, Leonardo DiCaprio and a red Tesla came with that new driveway, then that billboard might be spot on.

Back to life insurance, our pale, stale, and male industry is not your usual Tinder-fodder. So, I’m not going to try to convince you that life insurance is sexy. Hopefully, you know by now that talking about how you found the best life insurance quotes—or that your term life insurance cost and benefit analysis is done and you’re pulling the trigger on buying that policy—may not be the best first date conversation.

However, understanding how money works can be a great life- and love-enhancing skill.

As you know, life is easier when you’re not scraping the bottom of a barrel (or wearing one).

Financial literacy is sexy. A modicum of financial security allows most people to live their life more fully—with less worry. So, if you’re relaxed and fun to be around, you’ll spread joy wherever you go—no matter the size of your bank account. But, having a solid bank account is achievable and probably something that potential mates look for, even if they don’t want to admit it on a first date or beyond.

Matchmakers & Sexy Credit Scores

According to CNN, there are professional matchmakers who will run a background check on you to see if your financial life is a match-maker (or a deal-breaker). This isn’t such a surprise.

So, while a lack of term life insurance might not cost you a date, having bad credit could.

Would you consider dating a person with substantial debt?

It’s a hard call.

Some of the best people in life have had rocky starts and others have a lot of debt due to their college (or professional) education. Some debt is not so bad; that future physician might be a great life partner despite her mountain of medical school debt to repay.

Depending on how important money is to you, finding a life partner who has their financial life together could make them a total hottie in your eyes.

So, how do you get a financial life that’s sexy and billboard-worthy?

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Learn how to make small incremental changes that add up to financial security and build your creative, professional skills (and wealth) over time.

We’re all looking for a quick fix, but most things in life (think: gorgeous, lush gardens) take time to nurture and grow.

So, does your financial life.

The seeds you plant today in good financial habits will help you be happy whether you’re single or totally hooked and in love.

So, how do you increase your financial attraction force? Start off by investing a little in your financial awareness of what is working for you and take an honest look at what’s weighing you down financially. Resolve to lighten your load over the next month, so that you can focus on enjoying life with less worry. This spark of joy can light up your (love) life.

Having a life partner who is financially-savvy is a good thing.

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Financial Literacy Just Got Sexy

It’s good to go beyond just flirting with financial literacy and set some small, manageable goals to increase your security in the next 30 days.

Can you do this? Absolutely.

Start by:

  1. Resolving to slowly change one financial drain in your budget over the next month; then
  2. Figure out the cost of your life (those late night Amazon purchases after a glass (or two) of wine, your term life insurance cost, fish tank maintenance) and see if you’re making enough money to cover your current spending habits with some savings left over; and
  3. Challenge your sweetie to join you in doing the same by creating a pact to share a month of financial awareness together.

What’s the benefit?

Think about it this way. It’s a way to strengthen your relationship together by becoming stronger (financially) individually.

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Is Mr. or Mrs. Right Financially-Savvy?

Do you know how people often start by getting pets before they take the plunge and start a family together?

By seeing how your lover takes care (or doesn’t) of the puppy, you can see if he (or she) is parent material.

If they can’t manage to feed the dog when he’s hungry, then it’s time to be grateful for advances in birth control that allow you to know this before you make a life-long commitment to single parenting while being partnered (or married).

If your potential life mate while you’re dating is not into improving their own financial life, then they probably won’t be willing to do it after you’re in deep and have tied the proverbial knot (or not). You don’t want to co-sign a mortgage (or other loan) with a person who can’t cover their half of the debt load.

You also don’t want to saddle them with heavy discussions about your future life together while you’re in the early phases of dating.

But, just like you might train for a marathon together for a month, you can ask her (or him) to train for a better financial future for themselves (whether they stay attached to you or not) for 30 days together.

Good Financial Hygiene

I am a total romantic, but I enjoy swimming freely once I have looked to see if there is something fishy at the bottom of the pool. It’s okay to check people out before you dive in deep with them. That’s a smart thing to do.

And, checking out their financial habits is as important as noticing their grooming habits, for example. You don’t want to find out later that they can’t figure out how to regularly brush their teeth…or have no clue about how to manage their checking account balance.

Couples Who Save Together Stay Together

I am a big fan of Ruth Hayden. She is a financial educator in Minneapolis who realized that most couples need to get a financial life together before it causes them a break up or divorce. For less than $15, you can head over to Amazon and buy her insightful book: For Richer, Not Poorer: The Money Book for Couples.

Even if you’re not currently in a relationship, but are looking for one, this book can help you figure out how to talk with a potential lover in an open and honest way about the financial side of being partnered. You can also learn simple, yet solid, money management skills like budgeting that maybe your own parents never figured out.

You can turn your money life around and set yourself up for financial happiness whether you choose to be single, partnered, married, or however you wish to define your love life.

One thing that won’t work is putting your head in the sand and hoping that another person will take care of you.

The Love of Your Life

The fact is that things are changing all the time. The love of your life could die. That person whom you rely on for your financial security could become disabled. There are a million things that could happen. But, if you build a solid plan for taking care of your life and creating your own financial security, you will face life’s impermanence with more openness and courage.

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Yes, do get life insurance. It will help you weather financial storms and the unexpected that can happen. It gives peace of mind.

Good luck with your 30-day financial check-up. Ruth Hayden’s book is an affordable way to get the tools you need to accomplish it for yourself or with your crush. And, if you decide that you need affordable term life insurance as part of your financial planning, all of the life insurance hotties here at Quotacy are happy to help you.

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