Q & A: Getting Term Life Insurance Quotes

Can I do everything myself on the Internet, or do I have to get help over the phone?

Live support is always just a phone call away for those who feel more comfortable with assistance. Simply call us at 844-QUOTACY or 844-786-8229 and you will be connected with someone from Team Quotacy to assist you with anything from running a quote, to completing an application for coverage. For those who are do-it-yourselfers, you can take control and do as much as you want online. We do have to speak with you at least once to verify a few things, but other than that you’re in control.

How do I get a quote?

It’s easy! Click “Get Started” at the top of any page on Quotacy.com and you’ll be taken to our fast and always anonymous quote engine.

How accurate are the quotes?

When you enter in your basic information (gender, birth date, zip code, height/weight), our algorithm calculates a term quote for you that ends up being your final policy cost 70 percent of the time. Because there are so many medical conditions and lifestyle factors, it is not possible for our quoting algorithm to calculate every possible outcome. We work closely with you and the life insurance carriers to find the best policy possible for your situation and one that fits in your budget.

Do I have to provide my email and phone number to get a quote?

No. Our entire business model was built on not requiring users to disclose any information just to get a quote. If you decide to apply for one of the plans that you find, at that point we will need to know a bit more about you, but to simply learn about life insurance and get a quote, we don’t require personal information.

Is my information saved and sold if I run a quote?

No. We will never sell your information. We pride ourselves on protecting your privacy from start to finish. You have the option to save your quotes for future reference by setting up a username and password, but we are very strict on keeping your information private.

How do your prices compare to other sites on the Internet?

Life insurance pricing is set by each carrier and there are hundreds of factors that go into the pricing you may get, but there are no discount codes, coupons, or negotiating prices. You cannot get a better rate from a particular insurance carrier whether you use Quotacy, another online comparison site, your local agent, or if you buy directly to the company. It will be the same price no matter what. However, each carrier has their own specialization. For example, one carrier may view cigar usage more favorably than another. We work with multiple companies and excel at knowing which one will offer you the best rate based on your unique situation. With decades of experience, this is where we shine.

Many quoting sites will show you the best class rate (a.k.a. the cheapest price) first to get you in the door, but since prices are controlled by the insurance company those sites have no magic wand to get you that price unless you actually qualify for it. Quotacy’s quoting tool estimates a rate that is much more accurate based on the most common factors life insurance carriers use, so there are fewer surprises for you upfront.

Do I need to know what I want before I get a started?

No. Quotacy was specifically designed with every level of life insurance knowledge in mind. We provide you the tools and resources to become a life insurance expert so you know you’ve made the right decision before buying. First, our needs analysis tool lets you input your unique lifestyle characteristics like income, family goals and outstanding debt. Our tool then lets you know what you need in order to guarantee your loved ones a life that will maintain the same standard of living.

How does Quotacy decide which insurance companies to offer?

Quotacy selects only the best “A” rated carriers available to ensure you get the best product to protect your loved ones.

The insurance carriers Quotacy works with: Our Insurance Carriers.

How long does it take to get a quote?

Less than 30 seconds. We know you’re busy!

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