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Every year, January 26th is celebrated as National Spouses day. It signifies the gratitude that one has for sharing life and its journey with one another. It also celebrates the bond that a couple has and how they should cherish each other through thick and thin. With that being said, date night is extremely important, even if you’re at home.

Set aside some time for each other on this special day and fall in love all over again. Celebrate all the wonderful things that you’ve been through and laugh at all the fun memories. Remind each other that you are thankful to be a part of each other’s lives and would like to share the rest of your life with each other.

With COVID-19 still a threat to many people’s health, a DIY date night is the safe way to go. Stay in and make the most of your situation. Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.

Who says that you have to go to that restaurant to have a good time? Light up some candles, make a great playlist, and have a cozy candlelight dinner at your home.

Stay-at-home dates are a great way of reconnecting with each other. Here are a few stay-at-home ideas to help you rejoice in your relationship.

1. Just like the good ol’ days

Remember when both of you weren’t on your phone all the time? Times used to be simple. So, turn off the Wi-Fi, put your phone in a corner, and reconnect with each other face-to-face in real life.

Light a candle and dress up. Share stories and your favorite moments with each other the old school way.

A perfectly romantic setup will let you unwind at your own pace. The best part is that you don’t have to care about things like reservations, a babysitter, and coming home too late.

2. Themed Evening

Choosing a theme for your date night is a great way to liven up the situation. Not only does it help you to think creatively it also makes the date more unique and special.

Some good ideas

  • France: Put out a cheese platter and a selection of fine wines on the table. Dim the lights and let the candlelight create a more intimate and romantic dinner.
  • Italy: A homemade pizza or pasta with some red wine will definitely help you make things a bit more Italian than usual. Don’t forget to turn on a Dean Martin playlist.
  • Mexican: If your every-day cuisine tends to be on the bland side then tacos, enchiladas, chips, salsa and guac are excellent choices to spice things up. Consider finishing off dinner with a small glass of tequila on the rocks.

3. Karaoke

A light-hearted adventure so to say, karaoke can definitely turn into a fun little idea, and the best part is that you don’t even need a karaoke machine like in past. All you need is an internet connection and YouTube, and then you can sing your heart away.

Karaoke is really fun, especially when drinks are on the table. Make a drinking game out of it and have a blast. Bond over each other silliness or serenade your partner with your voice.

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4. A Dream Trip

There is nothing more wishful and dreamier than planning the trip you’ve always wanted to take. Share your heart’s deepest travel desires and let your mind take you to the most exotic places.

A fun restraint would be to have a maximum budget for the same place. See how creatively you can plan to spend money on things and make the best out of it. This opens up new possibilities for exploring different things and a version of the same place.

5. Picnic

If you have a backyard or a terrace, and live in a warmer climate, a night under the stars is a great way to spend time with your better half. A picnic is as romantic and intimate as one can get.

Easy to organize and charming, a picnic should never be left out as an option. Pack your favorite foods spread them on a blanket and talk through the night. Always remember to bring a cozy blanket as it gets chilly at night no matter the time of the year it is.

6. Spa Date

Pamper your loved ones with a massage and scented candles. Was the previous year stressful? This is a great way to show you care and help release stress. It’s easy to gather some essential oils and look up a spa playlist.

You just need a few towels, some candles, and dim lighting to create a calm and relaxing place. Make sure you look up a few lessons online as to how you go about it to ensure your partner has a great time.

Secure your love

Use one or all of these ideas for a date night to make the day more special and memorable. National Spouses Day is not about spending money on lavish things. It’s about spending time with each other and celebrating the life you’ve made together.

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