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The short answer is no, if you’re looking to apply for life insurance, the COVID-19 vaccine will not impact you or your rates in any way.

In a recently released statement, the American Council of Life Insurers confirmed that the COVID-19 vaccine will not impact your insurability.

Also, for those who already have life insurance and die as a result of complications or any other reason from the COVID-19 vaccine, the life insurance company will still pay out the death benefit.

Being vaccinated doesn’t hurt or help your insurability.

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What if I have not received the COVID-19 vaccine yet?

There’s no advantage in waiting to apply for life insurance until after you get vaccinated. Being vaccinated doesn’t hurt or help your insurability.

So, now is the best time to apply for life insurance, especially if your loved ones rely on your income.

What if I have already received the COVID-19 vaccine?

You’re still eligible to apply and your life insurance rates will not be impacted by your vaccination.

Even if you had side effects from the vaccine, such as severe flu-like symptoms, it won’t impact how the life insurance companies evaluates your health or the price you pay.

If you had severe side effects that resulted in hospitalization, there may be a slight chance your rates are impacted.

But don’t worry. All life insurance companies evaluate health and cost differently.

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