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Traveling has been off-limits for a while now, but the good news is that the world is opening up once again. One of the most important to-dos when planning to travel is choosing your accommodations.

It’s important to choose accommodation options that meet your needs and travel objectives. Due to COVID-19 being a concern for many travelers within the last couple years, choosing accommodations that also have your health and safety in mind may also be high on your list of needs.

Here’s a list of the types of accommodation commonly available around the world and the pros and cons of each.


Hotels are the first accommodation option that comes to mind whenever we plan a trip. You can stay at a hotel regardless of the purpose of your trip (business, leisure, family vacation, and so on).

The good thing about hotels is that there are plenty of options and a wide range of rates you can choose from to fit your budget for the trip.

Most hotels also follow strict COVID-safety protocols. Along with one or two beds, depending on the type of room you choose, you also get other amenities such as a private bathroom, TV, a tea or coffee maker, and comfy bedding and blankets.

The downside to this, though, is that hotels can be expensive even if you choose the most basic room type because they have all these facilities bundled in. This is especially true if you’re a solo traveler looking for cheap accommodation or a student looking to spend a few days somewhere.


Solo or budget travelers often choose to stay at hostels for a variety of reasons. The most important factor is that hostels cost far less than hotels and are still clean and hygienic. You can find several travelers’ or youth hostels around the world that offer comfortable accommodation at cheap prices and a great community experience.

The best thing about staying at a hostel is that you get to meet new people from around the world. You can exchange life stories with them, learn all about their country and culture, and many of these people end up becoming your travel squad for life. It’s the perfect option for solo travelers since they will never be alone and yet make the trip on a small budget.

There are plenty of bed and room options to choose from such as a bed in a large dorm, or private and semi-private rooms. However, do keep in mind that the kitchens, seating areas, and bathrooms are usually shared with the other residents of the hostel.

Most hostels follow strict COVID-appropriate cleaning and distancing protocols but sharing a space with several others will always have its risks.

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Thinking of resorts instantly brings pictures of unwinding at a serene location while getting pampered, and that is exactly what you can expect while staying at a resort.

Do remember, however, that the COVID norms in certain areas may not allow resorts to offer all their services since some of them, such as massages, cannot accommodate social distancing protocols.

The room options at resorts can be similar to what you find at hotels, but several resorts offer all-inclusive stay options. This means that the price you pay is inclusive of not just the room but also food and drinks for your entire stay. Resorts can be perfect for group or family vacations as they can be more economical than hotels.

All major resorts generally follow COVID-appropriate cleanliness and safety protocols and you can read all about their processes on their website.


Airbnb is a website that was founded in the year 2008. Here you can find accommodation of literally any type that you can think of. You can find hostels, vacation rentals, villas, cabins, and entire family-home type properties listed here along with their nightly rates.

You may even find a listing from someone willing to let you sleep on their couch or someone renting out one bedroom of their home to travelers.

The best thing about Airbnb stays is that you will almost always find an option to fit your budget and requirements. If you’re traveling with your family and need a large space, you can rent an entire apartment at your destination. If you’re traveling solo or on a business trip, you can rent a single bedroom or a small, cozy apartment for yourself. You can swap stories and experiences with your hosts if you book a shared space and absorb the culture of a place while staying at an Airbnb.

However, remember that just like hostels, these spaces are often shared (unless you rent entire homes/apartments) and do not come with the additional facilities you can find at hotels and resorts. You may also have to eat out or cook your own food at these stays.

You must also find and read carefully what COVID-appropriate protocols the hosts follow. Airbnb has its set of guidelines for anybody who wishes to list their property on the website and gives a shoutout to hosts who follow the protocols to a T.


Traveling may have been off-limits for a long time but you can start venturing out again by weighing your stay options carefully and choosing the ones that best follow your preferred cleaning and safety protocols.

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