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On International Left-Handers Day, we celebrate all things left-handed with some trivia and surprising facts about our beloved southpaws.

Among the many things that don’t make sense to lefties, not paying your life insurance premium is sure to be top of the list. Why? Read on to find out.

Not Paying Your Life Insurance Premiums & Other Stuff That Doesn’t Make Sense to Lefties

Why would not paying a life insurance premium on time be so hard to fathom for a financially-savvy lefty? Because, if your life insurance premium goes unpaid, then your term life coverage will lapse, and that’s something that’s something that a lefty would probably lose sleep over—on the left side of the bed. That’s because, according to recent research, left-handed folks use more of the critical analysis side of their brains, leading to an edge when it comes to mathematical skills and science. Yay, lefties!

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A Little Myth Busting: Getting it Right About Lefties

Recent research suggests that lefties demonstrate having a better memory, increased spatial skills, and being more independent thinkers. They also appear to process emotions and stimuli differently than right-handed people. So much so that researchers are now realizing that the vast studies which analyze lefties and their rates of mental illness were carried out using the way right-handed people process emotions as the definition of normal. According to this research, it is possible that many earlier studies of left-handed people and mental health, and the effectiveness of treatment may not take into account brain differences. That means that treatments for mood disorders can actually make left-handed patients worse. For example, stimulating the left side of the brain, as opposed to the right side of the brain (where left-handers regulate emotion) would not be the best form of treatment.

Other researchers believe that because left-handedness is a genetic trait (handed down from a left-handed parent) in only 25% of lefties, the origin of left-handedness, which is often maternal stress felt by the fetus, could be the cause of later physical and emotional health issues, along with environmental and social stress.

On a lighter note, researchers also discovered a big plus to being a lefty: a spectacular romantic life. More than 86% of one survey reported being extremely satisfied with the lovin’ they receive.

While scientists are still debating the impact of left-handedness on emotional and physical health, it’s clear that righties and lefties care equally about the financial health of their families. Finding the right (no pun intended) term life insurance plan is the first step towards a secure future.

Thinking Left: Does Being a Lefty Impact Your Life Insurance Premium?

On the whole, it shouldn’t. Although a study from 1988, Do Right-Handers Live Longer? by Diane F. Halpern and Stanley Coren, seemed to show a correlation between left-handedness and early death based on a study of right-handed baseball players. This study was debunked in 1994, and most recently by research in 2013. An analysis of 89 research studies and 21,000 patients showed no correlation between being a lefty and being more vulnerable to immune disorders, or dying, as the myth goes, many years earlier than right-handed people.

Lefties are prone to more workplace accidents in high-risk professions like construction and logging from—you guessed it—doing dangerous jobs with equipment made for right-handed people. If you do have a high-risk job, then your left-handedness may impact your life insurance premium.

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Other researchers believe that because left-handedness is a genetic trait (handed down from a left-handed parent) in only 25% of lefties, the origin of left-handedness, which is often maternal stress felt by the fetus, could be the cause of later physical and emotional health issues, along with environmental and social stress.

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What’s Left? Everything That Lefties Think is Wrong With the World (Besides People Forgetting to Pay Their Life Insurance Premium).

Being the thorough researchers that we are here at Quotacy, we interviewed a lefty friend to find out what’s been bugging her all of these years about living in a right-handed world. Here are her top five:

Scissors hurt.
“You have a choice: try to find a pair of left-handed scissors in your office or end. If you’re lucky, you just cut the piece of paper you’re trying to trim in half. If you’re not lucky you end up jabbing yourself in the arm.”

Spiral notebooks hurt.
“Imagine learning how to write as a kid with your little hands rubbing against a metal coil.”

Those ergonomic “comfort” computer mice hurt.
“They’re made to comfort the right hand and torture the lefty.”

Movie theatre cup holders (right side) often cause embarrassing spills on a date.
“As in I kind of dropped my soda in his lap.”

Smartphones are kind of dumb.
“It is really, really hard to move my thumbs the way righties do, and power buttons, etc just work against me

Watching right-handed people write things down (freaky!).
“I used to watch my friends write from the opposite direction and wonder what was wrong with them.”

However, for some of us right-handers, watching a left-handed person write is slightly disconcerting. You might jump the conclusion that at least some of those southpaws doing everything from the wrong side have to be just a little bit weird. And you’re right (pun intended).

Many lefties are weird—in a good way. Even though they make up only about 12% of the population, left-handers have contributed to more than their fair share of figures who’ve made a big impact on history. Here’s just a partial list:

Some political figures:

Barack Obama
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush, Sr.
Ronald Reagan
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (ok, she’s a judge)
Gerald Ford
Herbert Hoover
Harry Truman
James Garfield

Some startup founders:

Richard Branson
Mark Zuckerberg
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs (ambidextrous)
Oprah Winfrey

A few musicians:

Paul McCartney
Lady Gaga
Justin Bieber
Jimi Hendrix
David Bowie
Celine Dion
Kurt Cobain
Noel Gallagher
Bob Geldof
Jimi Hendrix
Annie Lennox
Ricky Martin

Several famous science geeks:

Albert Einstein (ambidextrous)
Marie Curie
Benjamin Franklin

More than a few funny people:

David Letterman
Jim Carrey
Tina Fey
Jerry Seinfeld
Jason Alexander
Jay Leno
Drew Carey
Ben Stiller
Dan Aykroyd
Tim Allen
Jon Stewart
Charlie Chaplin
Whoopi Goldberg
Richard Pryor
Howie Mandel
Shawn Wayans
Albert Brooks
Chris Tucker
Anne Meara
Danny Kaye
And more….

Some hard-working actors:

Jennifer Lawrence
Scarlett Johansson
Hugh Jackman
Kenneth Branagh
Tom Cruise
Robert De Niro
Matt Dillon
Morgan Freeman
Angelina Jolie
Nicole Kidman
Val Kilmer
Lisa Kudrow
Marilyn Monroe
Dennis Quaid
Julianne Moore
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
Seth Rogen
Kate Hudson
Sarah Jessica Parker
Matthew Broderick
Brad Pitt
Keanu Reeves
Julia Roberts
Sylvester Stallone

A few sports figures you may have heard of:

LeBron James
Wayne Gretzky
Babe Ruth
Rafael Nadal
Larry Bird
Bobby Orr
Dale Earnhardt, Jr
Steve Young
Lionel Messi
John McEnroe
Martina Navratilova
Monica Seles
Jimmy Connors
Oscar De La Hoya
Greg Rusedski
Keith Hernandez
David Gower
Don Mattingly
Greg Louganis

And we’re certain that all of the famous folks above always (or always did) pay their life insurance premium on time. And not just because they don’t want to set a bad example for the rest of us.

Let’s get right to the point: lefties, we love you, and we know you love your families. If you don’t have term life insurance yet, it’s time to look at your options. Find out what factors may impact your life insurance premium.

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