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Real Life is a podcast about life, death, and expecting the unexpected. This podcast is our way to help people share their stories and get others thinking about protecting the people they care about. In episode four, we talk to Lauren Wright, Vice President of the Financial Professionals Group, about heaven. Lauren researches and studies heaven and shares her Christian point of view.

Life insurance is for the living. You purchase a life insurance policy to protect the loved ones you leave behind when you die. But is there life after death? We want to explore the idea of death across cultures and systems of belief.


Lauren shares four findings she has come across in her research. Heaven means different things for different people, but she discusses the following points that many Christian denominations agree on:

  • Heaven is not in this universe.
  • The spirit awakens after death but the body waits for Judgment Day to go to heaven.
  • When Christ returns, he will rule on Earth and we rule with him.
  • Eternity is on a completely new Earth. Earth is destroyed on Judgment Day and starts over.

Although this podcast episode discusses a Christian’s view of heaven, Quotacy embraces all spiritual traditions and ways of envisioning the afterlife. Do you believe in heaven? What do you think it’s like?

Excerpt from Dante’s The Divine Comedy, Paradiso, Canto XXXIII:

As in a circle, light and love enclose it, as it surrounds the rest
And that enclosing only He who encloses understands.

In the deep and bright essence of that exalted Light, three circles appeared to me;
One circle seemed reflected by the second, as rainbow is by rainbow,
And the third seemed fire breathed equally by those two circles.

O how pale now is language and how paltry
For my conception! And for what I saw
My words are not enough to call them.

Yet my wings were not meant for such a flight –
Except that then my mind was struck by lightning
Through which my longing was at last fulfilled.

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