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Friendships add flavor to life. Making friends when you’re younger is easier. You’re constantly surrounded by people your age, and who are sharing the same experiences as you.

As you grow older, you may notice that the friendships you made earlier in life have started to dwindle.

You may have been in touch with your friends from high school through the first year of college, but by the final year, you may have a whole new crowd around you altogether. These friendships, too, slowly start to disappear from your life as time goes on.

Life brings many changes. You may miss the closeness you once had with childhood friends and find yourself wondering if there’s any way you can find a caring and supportive network around you.

Thankfully, modern life comes with a number of methods and platforms to help you connect with new people.

What causes friendships to fade?

Real friends stay in your life forever – that’s the dream. However, it isn’t the reality of life. There are various reasons behind why friendships fade, and yours will be unique to you in many ways.

Sometimes friendships fall apart, and sometimes they simply drift apart. More often than not, though, it’s daily life that gets in the way.

Friends move to different cities, countries, and even continents to find their place in life. As careers and family become a greater priority, people find themselves with less time to time to devote to friendships. This can eventually leave you with few consistent connections in your life.

The Many Benefits of Having Solid Friendships

As an adult, every day is usually packed full of things to do and responsibilities to fulfill. You have to work on pushing your career path forward, spending time with your family, and working on your future plans.

If you’re married or have kids, then your responsibilities are even greater. And this doesn’t just apply to you. The people you used to spend time with may not be available anymore. But why do you need them?

  • A solid network of friends can help you gain self-confidence and find support through your path in life.
  • You gain the opportunity to learn new perspectives and find new avenues for personal development in life.
  • You can explore new hobbies, skills, travel to new places, and enjoy other group activities that you may have been hesitant to try alone.
  • You find support through challenging life circumstances such as bereavement, separation and more.

Good friends are also known for having a positive impact on the mental health of a person. If you have friends you can open up to when you feel anxious or upset, you can alleviate a lot of your stress. Friends that support you through difficult times enable you to overcome your issues.

Human beings are social by nature. Even the most introverted person may still enjoy talking with a few people they consider close friends. You’re never really alone as an adult – especially not when you have a family of your own.

However, you may not be able to share everything with your significant other, children, colleagues, or even your parents. But a friend who does share in your enthusiasm can both motivate you to go on, as well as join you on new adventures.

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How do you find friends as an adult?

Finding friends as an adult is easier than you think.

It’s true that you no longer have constant access to a group of people who are roughly your age, and who are also looking to make friends. But as an adult, you’re also more capable of forming meaningful and lasting friendships.

There are several ways you can find new friends as an adult. But before you start, consider your favorite hobbies, as well as things you like to do or want to do.

Skills you’d like to explore, places you’d like to go, and activities you’d like to try can also give you hints towards places you can find new friends.

So, if you’re looking to add a few more buddies to your relationships roster, here are five helpful ways to make friends as an adult based on everything from your interests to your relationship status.

1. Networking Events and Meetups

Social media is full of networking events that are designed to allow people with similar interests to meet. You can also use apps, as well as websites to find meetups and events in your area.

This allows you to find people who share your interests and want to network with like-minded people.

You can find meetups for everything from dining out to personal-growth events. Simply choose the events that interest you, and you’re bound to meet a few people you can befriend.

You can also consider trying new skills as a way to meet people outside your comfort zone.

2. If You’re Married

Social media can also be the answer for you if you’re looking to befriend other married couples. Look for networking events for married couples, especially within your community.

If there’s a pub, bar, or restaurant that the people in your area enjoy frequenting, then you may consider dropping by for an hour or two each week. This allows you to get to know your community and gives you more opportunities to make friends.

3. If You’re Single

If you’re single and looking to make new friends, then you may first need to consider what you’re looking for out of your friendships. Are you looking for good friends? Potential romantic partners?

You may also need to consider that your new friends, should they be married or with a significant other, may have less time to give to you than you them.

Navigating the world of making new friends in your adulthood can be a rewarding experience when you’re single. You can explore new opportunities for friendships at every corner.

If you’re living alone, making good friends becomes even more important as they can become your core circle through crucial times.

4. If You Have Pets

Did you know that having a pet can increase your chances of meeting new friends? Simply take your dog out on a walk, and you may find people naturally wanting to stop to play with your pet.

If you own a dog and there’s dog park near your area, that could be an excellent location for making new friends. Even better if your four-legged friend makes new friends too.

You can also consider volunteering at animal shelters as a way to meet new animal lovers, while also helping animals in the community.

5. Don’t Forget About Work Colleagues

In the same way your classmates were around to share in your experiences when you were younger, your colleagues share in your professional experiences.

The people you meet at work can also become great friends, and positive friendships at work can also instill a culture of productivity.

You can find friends who share in your career successes, and those who actively push you to succeed. A great tip is to actively look for solid friendships not just at your workplace, but in your industry.

Attend networking events and forge friendships with people outside of work who are on the same career path as you.

Why Friends Matter, Even When You’re an Adult

While friendships can fade over time, you always have the opportunity to make new connections. This allows you to constantly grow in life, as well as find new experiences to enjoy.

Instead of feeling alone or missing out on the many activities you’ve always wanted to do, look for someone willing to share in your life experiences.

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