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Happiness is only real when it’s shared.
– Jon Krakauer

Six financial habits to avoid teaching your kids

Kids are like little tiny sponges that know how to think – they pick up on everything, and can see it in ways that might hurt their finances later on in life.
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Setting a goal? Check your personality first.

Your quirks have a lot more of an impact on your personality than you think.
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Investing in a better world.

Don’t just invest – put your cash to work for the things you believe in.
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Headshot of Eric Lindholm, a life insurance writer, for Quotacy, Inc.

Eric Lindholm

Communications Coordinator


Eric moved from sales to communications at Quotacy. His writing is informed by his experience guiding hundreds of people through their own life insurance buying journey. Eric lives in Minneapolis, where his coworkers are trying to convince him to start his own podcast, do stand-up, or take his humor into the spotlight. Connect with him on LinkedIn.