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“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”
– William Shakespeare

Meeting Your Fitness Goals on Any Budget

As summer wraps up, it can be tough to find time to get outside and maintain your healthy hot-weather habits without a gym membership. We’ve got ways to keep yourself sweating without burning through your savings.
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Fast, Fresh, and Fun Tips for Freezing Food

You’re not using your freezer to its full potential. With these tips, you’ll actually be excited to heat up a frozen dinner.
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How Much Money Should You Give Your Kid?

Walking the tightrope between too much or too little? We’re here to help you find the right balance.
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Eric started in Quotacy's sales department, but moved to marketing after helping hundreds of people through their life insurance buying journey. Aside from writing about buying life insurance, he also edits Quotacy's monthly newsletter, runs our YouTube channel and produces Real Life, our podcast. Eric lives in Minneapolis, where his coworkers are trying to convince him to take his humor into the spotlight. Connect with him on LinkedIn.