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If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we should spend more quality time with our loved ones. To accomplish that goal, you need something that makes it easier and gives purpose to bringing you together consistently.

A great way to do that is finding a family hobby that everyone can enjoy. Besides spending quality time with your family, a hobby offers a number of amazing benefits. It can reduce stress, boost mental and physical health, and improve your overall way of life.

To help you find the right family hobby, we’ve curated a wide variety of ideas ranging from fun to educational and that are suitable for all family sizes and age groups.

Fun Hobbies


Painting is one of the most popular family hobbies where all the family members can bring out the artist among themselves in the coolest way possible.

An even better option is to work on a single giant piece of art together. Each member can add their individual element to the artwork. This way, you’ll even have a family painting symbolizing the love and uniqueness of your beautiful clan.


Maintaining a garden demands a lot of hard work and patience. However, with collective effort, it can be a very rewarding experience.

There is so much work to do in gardening that you can ensure that all members have something in their hands regardless of the family size. The sweat and labor that goes into building your lovely garden gets redeemed when pretty flowers or delicious produce starts growing.


Cooking is a great hobby to engage and bond with family. Every week, you can allot a single day when the family cooks delicious meals together.

Cooking is not only fun but also a great way of instilling healthy eating practices. The kids in the family will get to learn interesting recipes, and maybe you will get some useful tips from them as well.

Road Trips

Hitting the road with your family can be a truly memorable experience. You can make it even more interesting by heading to an undecided location. After all, the best part is the journey and not the destination. Your memories and photographs will be evidence of that.

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Healthy Hobbies


Your health and family’s well-being should always be on the top of your priority list. So, connect with your spiritual self in relaxing yoga sessions with your whole family.

Help your loved ones perfect their yoga postures and a wide range of breathing exercises. This hobby will bring you all closer, along with keeping you all healthy and fit.

Morning or Evening Walks

This is probably the easiest family hobby. Many people go to parks for their early morning or evening walks. While walking, instead of listening to your favorite tunes, you can take along your family members and can have a chat with them.

In the case of kids, such an exercise helps them in expressing topics or issues that they may find difficult talking about normally.

Educational Hobbies

Reading Books Together

Create a book club if you are fond of reading books and want your family to build a passion for the same! All you have to do is pick a book, read it aloud, or individually and exchange thoughts as the story goes along. This will help enhance communication between you and your family, and improve mutual understanding.

Family Outings

Family outings to places like zoos, museums, art galleries, etc. can be an enlightening experience for all. Short trips such as these allow you to spend quality time with family and get an informational experience at the same time.

Learning a Language

Some may find learning a new language to be a daunting task, but it can be an exciting hobby. When learning takes place together, it allows you to practice more by conversing with each other in the foreign language.

Miscellaneous Hobbies


Volunteering is a great way to bond with your family. You will get to help those in need, support a significant cause, and fulfill your duties as responsible citizens together. Where and how you and your family choose to volunteer would presumably differ, but there is always a way to give back.

DIY Crafts

Today we have so many fun, easy, and interesting DIY crafts available. As a shared family hobby, you can select a particular craft and work on it together each week.

With sufficient teamwork, you will be able to create cool stuff to decorate your house with. You will also get to spend some quality time with your family.

Reconnect with Family

Selecting and participating in family hobbies helps you to connect with your loved ones and build a lifetime of memories. Plus, every hobby offers a range of benefits that will impact not only your life for the better but your family’s as well.

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