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We frequently say “the younger you are, the cheaper your life insurance premiums.” While this is certainly true, we aren’t saying that you can’t get life insurance as a senior.

Oftentimes seniors don’t buy life insurance because their children are grown, the mortgage has been paid off, and any other expenses are covered by social security, retirement savings, and pensions. The need for life insurance may not be there.

However, everyone’s situation is different. There are certain cases in which, as a senior, you may have a life insurance need.

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Some common reasons seniors may want to purchase life insurance:

  • Income Replacement – If you and your spouse are still working, life insurance can protect your spouse’s standard of living by replacing your income if you were to die. If your spouse is relying on your pension or social security, life insurance will help cover those benefits.
  • Final Expenses – A funeral is not cheap. A life insurance death benefit can help your loved ones afford to honor your life with a proper funeral and burial service. If your estate is of high worth, estate taxes, both federal and state, would be an unpleasant surprise for your family. The death benefit can be used to pay these as well.
  • Medical Expenses – Not everyone will have the fortunate circumstance of dying peacefully in their sleep of old age. Sometimes medical conditions develop and expenses (prescriptions, hospital bills, etc.) start to accumulate towards the end of one’s life. Life insurance can help your surviving loved ones pay those expenses instead of trying to pay out-of-pocket.
  • Grandchildren – Maybe your loved ones will end up not needing to cover expenses. Instead the death benefit can be used as an inheritance. As a separate matter, many grandparents in today’s world are deeply invested (both emotionally and financially) in the raising of their grandchildren. In 2014, 2.7 million grandparents were actually the primary caregiver of their grandchildren. Life insurance for these specific grandparents is a must to ensure their grandchildren continue happy and healthy lives.
  • Charitable Gift – A life insurance death benefit can also be given to an organization you care about. If there is a charity you are greatly involved with, you can continue to give to them even after your death.

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Term life insurance is going to be the most affordable type of life insurance to purchase as a senior.

As people age, the less life insurance they need, so a 10-year term life insurance plan may be enough for you. You also probably won’t need millions or even up to $500,000 in coverage since your children are likely grown and independent. A healthy 65-year-old can obtain $200,000 worth of life insurance for a 10-year term for under $100 per month.

Term life insurance is going to be the most affordable type of life insurance to purchase as a senior.

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Term life insurance isn’t available for all ages.

Your age can affect how much coverage a life insurance company will approve. Using our term life insurance quoting tool, after entering your date of birth, you can use the Coverage Amount and Length of Coverage sliders to see how much coverage you can apply for.

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However, if you’re older and are looking for more coverage than 5-10 years’ worth, a permanent life insurance policy or final expense insurance policy may be your best option.

Still working? Take advantage of a group plan.

If you’re still working, be sure to participate in the group life insurance plan your employer offers as well. You can always apply for an individual life insurance plan to supplement the group insurance plan (and that’s a good idea!)

Quotacy can help you find affordable life insurance.

It’s important to note that all life insurance companies price age groups differently. A 10-year, $200,000 term policy at one life insurance carrier may cost you $98 per month while another may cost $150. Quotacy works with multiple life insurance companies so we have the ability to shop your application all over to get you a great product at an affordable price.

Underwriting is the most important step in the application process. It is during this time that the insurance company determines how much of a risk an applicant is to insure. Quotacy has an in-house expert underwriter who has worked in many carrier home offices and knows the ins and outs of the complex underwriting world.

Whether you’re 25 or 75, we can help you get life insurance. Start the process by running term life insurance quotes on our website. You can contact our friendly agents for additional help and questions as well. We won’t push more life insurance on you than you need.

Still not sure? We think Quotacy is great, but don’t take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews – we aim for excellent, personalized service and honest advice.

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