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October is National Work and Family Month, a month that is dedicated to the success of an employee’s professional and personal life.  Life is all about balance; whether it’s between the chocolate and kale, or your work and home life.

National Work and Family Month was created by WorldatWork and Alliance for Work-Life Progress (AWLP) to focus on the challenges that working families face every day.  The month is nationally recognized by businesses, academic institutions, federal agencies, members of Congress, work-life advocacy groups and people who want to make it easier for employees to succeed at work and home.  When employers become interested in the well-being of their employees both on and off the clock, then it creates a space for employees to do their best.

More and more organizations are promoting their culture of flexibility and work-life effectiveness.  Today more than ever, all employees are different.  There are more women at work, more workers in non-traditional families, more generations at work and more people caring for elderly relatives.  Our lives are constantly changing and evolving.  These changes may include growing a family, starting night school, getting a new job or losing a job.  Having work-life flexibility has become an effective employee perk and even helps with stress reduction.

Most employers have some level of flexibility that they offer such as:

  • Paid leave
  • Paid sick time
  • Flex time
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Telecommuting
  • Health and Wellness Programs

If you have some flexibility with your employer, that’s great.  However, there are ways to bring more balance to your daily routine that doesn’t include work flexibility.  Here are a few ways to bring more harmony to your lifestyle.

Build downtime into your schedule

Yes, you’re busy.  We all are.  But, in the end you are in charge of your priorities.  When planning out your week, allow yourself some time with your family and friends.  Don’t forget about your own wellbeing.  Give yourself some time to reflect and recharge.

 Having work-life flexibility has become an effective employee perk and even helps with stress reduction.

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Say no to activities that drain your time and energy

Sometimes you just have to say “no”.  Think about what activities don’t enhance your career or personal life, and try to reduce the time you spend on them.  If they aren’t bringing you value, then why are you doing them?  Another activity that we tend to spend a lot of time on is social media and television.  How much can you cut back per day, 10-30 minutes?


You’re thinking that you don’t have time for that, right?  It’s amazing the energy and focus you get from physical activity.  You deserve that time to take care of you. Research suggests that regular exercise can increase energy levels.  So, maybe take a walk instead of taking a snooze.  Besides, you will have time for exercise after you cut back on your TV and Facebooking.

Building work-life balance is important for everyone, but it becomes especially important when you have a family that depends on you.  You want to be able to attend little league games, birthday parties and stop at the school for parents day.  Everyone’s idea of balance is different and it can take time to find the right balance for you and your family.  You may never master the perfect harmony, but it is important to find what works for you so that you can spend time with those that matter most; your family.

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