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At Quotacy, we’ve simplified the process of getting affordable term life insurance quotes. Not only can you obtain a quote online in less than five minutes, but you may be able to receive term life insurance with no medical exam requirements, ensuring you get the coverage you need with less hassle.

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Can You Get Term Life Insurance with No Medical Exam?

While it is possible to get term life insurance with no medical exam, many life insurance companies require an exam. This process may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. In fact, the physical exam can help you get the best rate on your life insurance and can even be done in the comfort of your own home or office. Seriously! The health exams typically involve a:

  • blood draw,
  • urine sample,
  • blood pressure reading,
  • height and weight measurement, and
  • review of your medical history.

Term life insurance with no medical exam options are available from the life insurance companies that Quotacy offers through our comparison quoting tool or by contacting our advisors. If another life insurance company is a better option for your policy needs than SBLI or another carrier that offers accelerated underwriting, for example, your short medical exam should not be a big worry to you.

Use the following ten tips to ace your medical exam so that you are offered the best rates possible for your term life policy by your preferred carrier.

The good news is that our life insurance companies will send a physical examiner to your home (or office) to do your term life insurance medical exam (if one is necessary) at a convenient time for you.

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Preparation Tips for Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

1. Schedule your life insurance medical exam to take place early in the morning

Even a piece of fruit can affect your blood pressure reading, so you should fast six to eight hours before an exam.  Scheduling your life insurance medical exam early in the morning makes this task much easier so you’re not starving all day.

2. Don’t drink coffee or smoke beforehand

Skip your morning cup of coffee and cigarette because the caffeine and nicotine may elevate your blood pressure readings that could put you in a higher price (rate class) group.

3. Avoid salts and fatty foods

Salty and fatty foods affect your cholesterol and blood pressure so avoid these a week before your exam, if possible. If a week is too much to ask, at least shoot for eliminating fatty and salty foods 24 hours prior to your medical exam. Every little bit helps!

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4. Drink lots of water

You want your exam to be done as quickly as possible right? Staying hydrated will make it easier to give blood and pee in that fancy, little cup.

5. Don’t drink or smoke marijuana

This may sound like a public service announcement, but seriously, don’t smoke marijuana up to 30 days before your life insurance medical exam.  Even though it may be legal in some states, marijuana can negatively affect your underwriting class since some life insurance companies will consider you a smoker and price you the same higher rates as a tobacco user.

Alcohol dehydrates you which makes it hard to draw blood.

6. Prepare a list of any medications you are taking

Speaking of drugs, as mentioned already the life insurance physical examiner will ask about your medical history so have a list available of any medications you are taking, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs.  Anything you can have prepared beforehand will make your medical exam go quicker.

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7. Avoid working out

Finally a time when we should avoid the gym!  Exercise can raise your blood pressure and pulse rate.  You can go on your evening walk, but avoid strenuous cardio the night before and the morning of your exam.

8. Don’t schedule the exam during a menstrual period

Ladies, do not have your medical exam during your period, if possible.  It can contaminate your urine sample and you would then have to schedule a redo.  If this comes up after you’ve scheduled the exam, don’t worry. It happens. Simply contact your agent (or the medical exam company) and ask to re-schedule for a later date. This will save you and your physical examiner the hassle of having to do it a second time.

9. Get plenty of sleep

When you are well-rested, your blood pressure is lower. Sleep also helps offset anxiety and fear. All these factors lead to better test results and potentially a lower rate class (price) for your life insurance policy.

10. Fear of blood or needles? Tell your medical examiner.

If you are anxious about what may happen during your medical exam, talk to your examiner and explain your concerns. They may note your fears in your file, and should your nervousness lead to unusually high blood pressure results, these notes may be taken into consideration by the insurance company underwriter.

We want you to get the best life insurance rates possible and leading a healthy life is the best way to do it. Don’t wait to apply for life insurance; the older you get, the more expensive your premium payments will be…and your loved ones will be unprotected. Learn more about term insurance and rates today with Quotacy’s helpful FAQs.

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